Winner heads for drone attack

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Don Winner, the indefatigable darling of every crook and con man in Panama and publisher of something called "Panama Guide", is on a suicide mission, having declared jihad on the US embassy. He is going to destroy them, because he is furious - FURIOUS ! - that these embassy people have the audacity to send their Twitter tweets in Spanish, which is the language of inferior Panamanians. AND these embassy people didn't invite him to the 4th of July party! And that's not all. Winner is also outraged - OUTRAGED ! - because these Spanish ghetto speakers and partying tweeters of the US embassy refuse to send him email alerts from the American Citizen Services bureau. Writes Winner on his terrorist rag: "They continue to blow me off, and they apparently do not consider this website to be a valid media outlet". How odd.

And then his ultimatum: "Well, screw them. I will no longer publish these alerts, either on my website or the Yahoo! email groups that I own and control, until they start to send them to be [sic] directly. To put it quite simply, I'm tired of their crap".

Yoohoooo! Weapons of mass destruction! Everybody to the shelters, incoming Yahoo groups-that-he-owns! Dive! Dive! This is gonna be fun. Now that he has declared a boycott-war on the embassy he'll soon be on the Obama death list - remember that other online publisher, of Inspire, which the US government also did not consider to be "a valid media outlet"? Indeed! So, inevitably, drones will take Winner out and make the world a better, safer and gentler place where we can speak Spanish as much as we want. Good luck, Don!

3 thoughts on “Winner heads for drone attack

  1. If the Don the wanker is so enraged by his US government!

    He should return his E5 US Air Force retirement in Protest for his exclusion from his diplomatic duties as the publisher of something called “Panama Guide” which has infringed immunity from international copyright infringement laws because of the low level of value it gives to the Internet community and Panama!

    If it is a scam, a Ripoff, Ponzi scheme, or phoney Real Estate sales of ROP land he will be there to make a buck!

    D the wanker does not need stinking US embassy to sent him US Citizens warnings to distribute his plagiarize Con artist scams against the Gringos and Expat living in Panama or Contemplating moving here!

    After all he has A webcam installed in his car just in case he gets lost, that way he can retrace his step to get home!!!

    Do not forget his forays into the human trafficking trade of women and children and his Colombian connect with his wife(?) and Clyde!

    D the wanker is truly a moron of all seasons!

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