Don’t drink and Tweet

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Our beloved president Ricky Martinelli had a party yesterday because of Papademente's birthday, and he got drunk. And when he gets drunk he starts sending messages that he later can't remember. This happened earlier when he messaged the US ambassador that he wanted to tap phones of his enemies, and yesterday he did a public version through Twitter. After some tweets back and forth about mining in Panama, he snapped at Thais Ilean, "callate obesa, buscate un novio q te haga rebajar esas lonjas”. Which means something like, "shut up, fat woman, and find yourself a boy friend who reduces those love handles". Of course when our president sobered up he took responsibility like a real man: He tweeted that his account had been hacked and that he never insulted anyone. Then he deleted his other anonymous Twitter account "Picante Sabroson" from which he might have thought he was tweeting his insults, because he saw double. Or triple. Such a class act, this guy!

Update: Our fearless leader, on TVN, maintained that he knew nothing, that he had been hacked, and he offered an apology to Mrs. Ilean before announcing an investigation of which we will never hear anything again, ever. La Estrella.

4 thoughts on “Don’t drink and Tweet

  1. Lets Face it this Criminal Martinelli can not remember any thing that he said ever, any adulterous acts he commits in public or private, or how many enemies(real or imagined) he orders silenced or removed! He runs around in a alcoholic drug induce stupor, flaunts his Mistress, Buys her cheap perfume and sanitary napkins at his 99 in Paitilla, with his Israeli guardians following suit like little puppies on his way to the mistresses Apartment Saturday night! Martinelli is really a class act!

  2. i think that he wanted to take a break and drink i do that sometimes but when yo do that u have to control yourself and don’t go on the internet because that just messes up everything

  3. you have to be careful and choose your choices wisely and make the smartest decisions and you will live a better life that is word to ME

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