Chello starts where Martinelli stops

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UPDATED - Because of the drunken tweets of our beloved Excelentisimo, we were a kind of wondering what his political party, Cambio Democratico, really stands for, ideologically. Are there any thinkers in the biggest political collective of Panama? Visionaries, maybe? Turns out we were worried for nothing, because we just discovered the Twitter feed of Sergio "Chello" Galvez, CD legislator and political intellectual of the first order. He is so smart that he NEVER goes to any of the Assembly sessions, also because he doesn't understand what they're talking about there. That's how intelligent he is. We should have know: His campaign posters were BY FAR the best we've seen in Panama, ever. So is the description he gives of himself on his Twitter profile:

Me encanta la buena música, tomar cervezas en el chorrillo y comer mucho marisco ya que dicen que es afrodisiaco.. No queremos al gringo de la alcaldía.

Clearly someone with ideas. So, what does he tweet, then? Well, dear reader, it's one gem after the other, with just minutes between them! For example, he explains brilliantly that he doesn't talk to journalists but directly, through Twitter, to his followers:

Aclaro hasta donde se no le estoy hablando a ningún periodista, le estoy hablando a mis seguidores en Twitter

And then he goes off, spouting one visionary idea after the other:

Miren como hemos avanzado económicamente este año gracias al señor presidente
Miren a estos políticos que hacen conferencias para hablar supuestamente sobre "Hacia donde va la democracia panameña"
Parecen que fueran Nostradamus o Walter Mercado que ahora saben el futuro.. jaja
Miren a mi me causa tristeza como pierden tiempo insultando y jodiendo en vez de ver lo bueno de Panamá

That was just within an hour or so - no wonder he is never at the Assembly meetings, too busy, no doubt. And my favorite - so far:

Miren en este país vemos como humillan a diputados


UPDATE: His Twitter account no longer exists. Victory! That was fast!

One thought on “Chello starts where Martinelli stops

  1. Son los diputados los que humillan al pueblo con sus enormes salarios inmerecidos, con las prebendas que obtienen por su posición y por las estúpidas leyes que votan. Todos iguales, todos corruptos, ninguna visión de futuro NADA! Que lástima para Panamá que no tiene opciones.

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