Five years for Wild Ronnie

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We just read on the Boquete ning group that the new hero of the right-wing expats has been convicted to five years in the slammer for killing some guy who was supposedly breaking into his neighbor's house. Ron McGrew came to Panama after he was kicked off the police force when he got mad, got drunk, and crashed his pick-up truck into a patrol car. Temper temper, and moving to Panama didn't resolve his anger issues: He saw a man apparently trying to break into the house of a neighbor (legislator Gloria Young), drew is gun and killed the would-be burglar right there on the spot. This is of course murder anywhere, so logically the right-wing militia type outcast scum expats rallied around him in support, even setting up a legal defense fund, which the scam pimp, true to form, then promoted. Had the situation be reversed, i.e. a Panamanian shot a gringo burglar, they would now be howling in unity for the death penalty of course, because that's how these racists roll.

One thought on “Five years for Wild Ronnie

  1. Yeah, that’s how they roll alright.

    There was an almost identical case in Houston, Texas recently, a neighbor was being burglarized by two burglars. A Good Neighbor Sam saw it going on, pulled out his trusty shogun and shot one of the burglars in the back a time or two, killing him instantly. At his trial, Good Neighbor Sam was found not guilty.

    BTW, Okke, I really like Ur new Web page layout.

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