Toxic smoke, garbage and polluted water welcome tourists to Panama

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image: La Prensa

SINCE the government of our beloved narco-ruler Ricardo Martinelli took office, tourists visiting Panama City have been able to enjoy the spectacular sight of mountains of garbage strewn throughout the capital. More than a year later, the government and municipality STILL haven't been able to figure out what to do about it.

Then they invented another attraction: Closing off the water supply. For over a month the city has been without potable water, and even though they're now supplying water again it is not safe to drink it. Of course, no Plan B was in place.

Today, La Prensa reports that in the interior of the country they have taken these tourism policies yet one step further: Vacationing foreigners massively abandoned hotels and resorts near Rio Hato, Playa Blanca, as toxic smoke wafted over the beaches because of a garbage pile being set on fire.

The second-biggest swimming pool in the world was empty and barely visible from any distance because of the poisonous fumes.

Tourists from France, Canada and Germany and other parts of the world aborted their stay at the Playa Blanca resort, commenting that they couldn't believe that the authorities had not solved a problem that affects one of the country's most important industries and sources of income, reports La Prensa.

What these tourists don't know, of course, is that our tourism minister is a suspected arms and drugs dealer, together with much of his family.

5 thoughts on “Toxic smoke, garbage and polluted water welcome tourists to Panama

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  2. The Fact that Panama has been Financially gutted and now is Financially broke by the wanna be Oligarchs and the wealthiest families here should be no surprise!

    Panama just plain does not have the money to fix anything including it most precious commodity , it own clean safe drinkable Water supply!

    Panama once know for having the cleanest and safest water supply in the world!

    The mass Corruption has now left nothing to chance!

    A laughable nation wide trash collection crisis!

    The wanton disregard for the use of Water, sewer, Garbage, edible food, health, the deforestation, Poisonings(soil & water) from Canadian mining companies, and the over use of Pesticides and Fertilizers,all at the behest of Oligarch and the wealthiest families.

    All of this was done under the leadership of the Government Ministries of Panaman Past and present!

    When the Americans went so did any vestige of civil discourse and Infrastructure maintenance and proper health measures to ensure a healthy and robust Society.

    This Panamanian Government is so afraid of it’s own people!

    Every where you go in Panama there is trash and litter every where!

    The Cities, the beaches, the hospitals are all sub standard!

    Panama has no infrastructure left ,it is pass the point of no return!

    “Panama where the numbers never ad up”

  3. The Panamanian people are just as guilty as the government administrations, beginning with little things like: At the mall the put a one single buble gum in double plastic bag. kids learn about recycling in schol but when the leave school just drop trash everywhere. IT’S THE PANAMANIAN CULTURE we’re talking about individuals.

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