Nationalism without a country

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The Public Registry, celebrating Panama

We're living through the annual season of flag waving these days. Independence from Spain, independence from Colombia, National Flag day, Grito de los Santos - a hollow state needs to compensate one way or the other.

For example, despite all the nationalistic proud of Panama crap flying around, the sad truth is that they can't even get their own coat of arms right in this country.

Remember the passports? Just a month ago, it turned out that our fearless authorities had printed 60,000 passports with the wrong coat of arms on it. All acted surprised. Minister Mendez apologized - the only time a member of the Mentirelli government ever apologized for anything.

After a healthy dose of blame game, the director of the passport office resigned. Then we had some discussion about that maybe the mistake wasn't a mistake or at least not illegal. No way they were going to recall the passports with the fake coat of arms, though. In Panama, you could in fact print your own passport and do a better job than the government!

And now this! The registro publico, where you register your corporations, foundations and floating rust buckets, decided that with the Patriot Days in full swing, they had to decorate their building with flags and the national coat of arms.

Reportedly, they fixed the thing in place with chewing gum.

Panama. Don't believe what they tell you. It is not a real country.

As Otto would say: Mojitos served!

5 thoughts on “Nationalism without a country

  1. Panama for a country with no real infrastructure maintance of it own or ability to safe guard it’s own population from Water outages, massive sewage problems, Electrical outages, streets and highways crumbling, potholes, missing drainage grates, numerous missing manhole covers, uneven sidewalks and thoroughfares?

    Panama for a country with no acceptable building standards, enforceable building regulations, and laws which have put the Population at risk with hastily built structures(Apartments, houses, commercial space) ?

    Panama for a country with ever increasing high food prices,continual unemployment, sub standard schools and University, now major health, problems with STD’s,and white Slavery?

    Panama for a country has massive governmental corruption and Money Laundering?

    Panama Is in the process of spending large sums of money to transform the National Police into standing Army?

    To Protect what?

    Why is Panama declaring war on the FARC?

    Why is Panama heading towards complete Martial law?

    Suspension of Free Speech and the Right to Peaceful assembly ,the right to strike, the right to own fire arms are Next?

    Gee whiz that has already started?

    What is this Panamanian so afraid of?

    The Gangs, the Narco traffickers, Con Artists, Thieves, Ponzi Operators, and the Money launders have been embedded into Panamanian society for more years than we can count?

    This is not the course of a government operating with the consent of the Populace?

    Panama is not being Governed?

    It is being Manipulated by Individuals who see Panama and all it’s resources as their own Private serfdom and private checking account?

    If we do not recognize what these Hack Politicians and Ministries are doing in Plains sight?

    We will have lost any rights or ability to live freely without harassment, the continual threat of jail and imprisonment?

    Panama has become a backward march in to the 16 century by way of the Previous Military members operating within this Government ?

    Panama is now mirroring Chile and Argentina(forty years ago) by suspending the right to assemble, the right to free speech, the right to strike, and the right to own (non Military) Sporting and hunting weapons?

    Panama is truly a hollow state for those that strive to live and work for a brighter future?

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  2. This reminds me of when I was a kid at Colegio Javier. Our gym teacher used to go nuts if he saw anyone splashing cologne on themselves instead of having a shower after Educacion Fisica. While I can’t remember his name, I remember his words: “You guys are lazy…have a shower first and the problem’s fixed. Otherwise you just smell sweet ‘n sour.”
    Maybe the Registro Publico and the government in general should sort its operational problems before they start (con)decorating themselves as if they deserved it.

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