Bonissi thinks law change will make him less stupid

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Fake procurador Bonissi

Our fake Attorney General Guiseppe Bonissi, puppet of our Martinelli Pizzafista government and illegal replacement of the real AG Ana Matilde Gomez, thinks that it is a great idea for Panama to go back to the days when pompous third world asshole politicians initiated criminal prosecutions against any and all journalists who would have the audacity to publish anything about their wrongdoings, corrupt schemes, or even simple criticism. Reports Newsroom Panama:

He plans to recommend to the Supreme Court that a recent change to the criminal code that decriminalized so-called honor crimes against politicians be declared unconstitutional.

The change decriminalized “honor” crimes, namely slander and libel, in cases involving elected officials. The law stated that such cases could, instead, be handled by the civil court system.

An appeal of unconstitutionality has been filed by Presidential spokesman Alfred Prieto, who has sued sports commentator Juan Carlos Tapia for slander. The case cannot move forward unless the change is declared unconstitutional.

Being the most-sued foreign reporter in Panama already, your journalist can not but applaud this terrific initiative which is of course just what our officials should occupy themselves with these days.

The only thing we'd like Bonissi to explain is this: How is the proposed return to the times of the savages going to make him appear more intelligent, or even more honorable? Will he be less of a baboon if he prosecutes a journalist? Will Prieto's questionable reputation be saved by going after a mentally challenged boxing announcer with political ambitions who moves like a constipated muppet when on TV?

The local media and journalists have so far mostly been mute on the issue, and knowing what pussies they are we predict that they won't put up much of a fight to prevent any of this from happening. So, we've decided to go about this in a different way. We at your Bananama Republic will, if Bonissi gets his way in the judicial madhouse supreme court, actively seek to get as much criminal libel cases filed against us as we can! We're aiming for at least a hundred. Maybe they can throw in some dead poodles for good measure, because those idiots at the public ministry love that stuff. A hundred cases, or even more - ¡si se puede! Bonissi, you're an idiot! Sue us!

11 thoughts on “Bonissi thinks law change will make him less stupid

  1. Bonissi thinks he is the overlord of the Constitution, Justice System, and Propaganda for Panama!

    Seems like this is becoming a very idiotic fourth or fifth wanna be Reich led by fumbling blundering verbalizing mentally incompetent monstrosities posing as righteous authorities.

    Even the Nazi party would have remove this man of words?

    It seems Panama has return to the days of the Inquisition when the truth was set aside to became a byproduct by these officials own mental torment of lies and corruption upon others.

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  2. Being the intelligent reporter that you pretend to be, why don´t you understand that smearing people´s reputation is intolerable?

  3. @XIO: That’s not the issue. The problem is that in Panama, telling the truth about people is considered intolerable.

    And come on, politicians have a good reputation? When did that start?

  4. X10,

    You have no idea what is considered the truth or the proper way here in Panama!

    One can be a murderer, an adulterer, a thief, a rapist, money launderer and be a Politician here in Panama.

    If you print or udder the truth about these criminals you can be sued for slander under the Honor law, hence imprisoned for up to twenty years for telling and spreading the truth!

    Yes, the great country of Panama has it Honor at stake!

    Wow, let sue every one that tells the truth!

    Panama is now much more than a hollow state/

    It has regress twenty two back to 1988!

    What a paradise Panama has become!

    Panama where nothing makes any moral or civil Sense!

    • “Absurd and dangerous” ruling bans two journalists from working for 12 months

      Reporters Without Borders is appalled that a Panama City court has banned TVN Canal 2 news editor Sabrina Bacal and Justino González, a former TVN Canal 2 reporter who is now a KW Continente commentator, from working as journalists for one year as well as fining them 6,000 dollars.

      Issued on appeal on 27 September and announced on 4 October, the sentences replaced the two-year jail sentences that the court had initially envisaged imposing under the criminal code’s provisions for such cases of defamation.

      The bans are the result of defamation suit brought by former National Directorate of Immigration secretary Aida Cecilia Castro Diaz and legal representative Rosendo Rivera over a September 2005 TVN Canal 2 report about a National Security Council investigation into the suspected involvement of immigration officials in a prostitution ring. Bacal and González were originally acquitted.

      “We think this ruling is both absurd and dangerous,” Reporters Without Borders said. “Banning these two journalists from practicing their profession is a flagrant violation of the freedom to impart information and is tantamount to an act of censorship that is unworthy of a democracy. Its effect is to prolong the existing regime of sanctions for press offences.”

      The press freedom organisation added: “Panama’s laws continue to provide for prison sentences for defamation and insult, contrary to the general tendency in the western hemisphere and to Inter-American legal standards. We hope the supreme court will overturn this conviction and we will support Bacal and González if they decide to take this case to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.”

      Despite an outcry about the case, local press reports quoted President Ricardo Martinelli as saying he would not comment on the sentences as they were a matter that “concerns the judicial sector.”

      Reporters Without Borders has been told that a presidential pardon is being considered for the two journalists. But a pardon would mean they are still regarded as guilty and would not address the underlying issues.
      Martinelli did pardon them last night. So now we get these idiotic court rulings and then we depend on the benevolence of our mobster president to be able to continue to work. This country is just so hopeless.

  5. Panama does not even rate a “Hopeless rating”!!

    It is now possible to conduct any type or form of human rights abuse with the blessing of Panamanian Supreme Court and the Panamanian Government.

    This hollow state has gone beyond the point of no return!

    “Panama where everything has gone far beyond the true pale of any normality.”

    Panama where everything is accepted and used to confine their own people and Lands for the benefit and profit of the greedy few”!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  6. The funny part is that Martinelli touted his pardon as evidence of how “democratic” Panama really is. It’s so moronic that I can only laugh about it.

  7. well i look at it from another point of view. This is like the Changuinola strike. It created such an international black eye, Martinelli had to back down. (and sure i realize things are still in limbo, but he had to back down after he publicly said he would not) This is another example where thank god the international community is reacting and they had to back down. Those things would not happen before because very few people were aware of what was going on. The internet, as I have said before is changing everything. And as long as Martinelli (any Panama “ruler” )wants foreign investment they have to pay attention. Unless they only take money from other countries that dont give a damn about human rights – China or Colombia for example. So I disagree, Dr Diaz, everything is NOT accepted.

  8. BTW, whilst we are on the subject of corruption, who is the go to person in immigration to pay to get your residency??? We’ve been trying for over 4 years and all we get is turned down with no reasons that make any sense. We’ve tried a few of those morons to no avail. We are on our 4th appeal and I’m wondering why am I doing this?? There really is no advantage to residency.

    So I’m hoping someone who has been successful at bribing these assholes and will give up the name so I can contact them, make them a little more wealthier and I can go on about my business.

    I know that stuff doesn’t go on here…..right!!!

    All assistance is welcome.

  9. The only reason I can think of would be your paperwork is not in order, a document is missing or your lawyer is incompetent, perhaps all 3. The people I know who have received their residency have not bribed anyone. It did not happen overnight, but nothing ever does here. Except maybe something you DONT want to happen. It helps to get a lawyer that specialize in immigration as they are in and out of immigration all the time. Often delays can be greatly aggravated by lawyers who are not on top of their work. The denying paperwork should specifically state the reason for it and it must be a defect or absence of a specific document or requirement or perhaps a new rule your lawyer did not made you aware of. There are many reasons that do not involve bribery or lack thereof.

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