23 thoughts on “Russian Duma report implicates Monte Friesner in massive looting

  1. @ the editor: thank you, nice week end reading. So, mmmhhmm, are there no comment because everyone is speechless, or because noone is surprised?

    What I dont get is with all this stuff, and I mean ALL this stuff, why has Friesner not entered Panama and operated under an assumed name? All the other bad players seemed to have done so. Maybe he did not realize YOU were here!
    On another note, do you think Russia REALLY wants this investigated? And by Russia I do not mean the Russian people, I mean the people running Russia. And if the report has been made public, why has there not been a revolution or at least a revolt, over it?
    On Blandon, I would not be surprised if he did not know much about what goes on in his own law firm, or more specifically with his associates. Once elected they do not spend as much time in their respective law offices.

  2. I think that, as usual in these type of situations, some forces in Russia want this investigated and others very much don’t. For me the interesting part is that apparently Friesner et al were big enough in these schemes to be mentioned explicitly together with the name of their firm.

    Massive looting in Russia is nothing new, and if you do some searching you’ll find plenty of news reports about what went on in the nineties and – what are we in now, the zeros? “Bizniz” in Russia almost equals mobster practices and corruption. Even in the US there have been some high-profile cases against Russian robber barons. So, in a way this is just another report to be swept under the carpet.

    I can’t find a Canadian Carlyle Coutts, which doesn’t mean persé that it never existed. The domain names carlyle-coutts.com and carlylecoutts.com were registered in 2001, years before the Panamanian S.A. with that name was incorporated, and using a Canadian address. So at least from then on there was some sort of presence.

    As for Blandón; he really should know better than to shield this type of shit. His partner a shareholder in a rogue finance firm that is suing a foreign journalist for a million dollars? I mean, now that he knows, what is he gonna do about it?

  3. I think, more than anything Friesner is looking for fame an glory, in a sick oligarch way. Any “smart” business man would have established a smoke screen and stayed in the background.
    I have had dealings with guys like him. They see themselves as some sort of messiah. Never enough status. They need the Dr. and CD titles to stand out and in fact use it to get some sort of credibility (read trust), from a practical point of view. Boy, do they love those titles.
    Not unlike Martinelli, “these guys” can be extremely smart at one point and 5 minutes later completely fuck up, when their ego shows up.

    It was a good reading, Fleming in real life. Compliments.

  4. @Eazy: They always do that. It’s also common to claim or allude to connections with the wonderful world of espionage – which Friesner did when he was sending me messages posing as “Shanita Ramdin”.

    Alas, stay tuned, there is much more to come. But we should give Friesner and his henchmen some time to sue me for this article as well – in their characteristic Pavlovian fashion – before dealing another blow, don’t we?

  5. Okke, I just love to read stories about Monte Friesner (alias “Wild Monty”). Please continue digging into that guy’s past, because I am sure that you will uncover a lot of newsworthy stuff.

  6. Lawrence B. Heath doesn’t look like he knows what day of the week it is in the above photo. Tatiana appears to be propping up the poor old guy. That or giving him the old reach-around.

  7. @Editor: I checked out the link you indicated and in doing so I discovered the link to wantedsa.com . I assume that the person behind this blog is either Monte Friesner, or Don Winner (?) In any case you – Okke Ornstein – seems to be the only subject of their interest. In that blog you are slandered “ad nauseum”… Why don’t you sue Monte Friesner and/or Don Winner for disparaging you in such a nasty manner ?

  8. @XIO: Behind that website is Monte Friesner. He has been sending emails to various people through that domain from his own computer, which gave him away. I mean, that is rock-solid evidence.

    But I’m not gonna join the legal circus in Panama with a lawsuit or criminal complaint against him. I believe writing the truth here about this criminal is what will eventually be more effective. I’ll give you an example: Years ago I exposed another fraud, the San Cristobal noni and teak swindle. They replied by hiring Fulele Calvo to smear me in a rag called “La Cronica”, a full page and then another one the next day, about how I was trying to blackmail them, how I was wanted in Holland, all sorts of crap about my family and so on. And people asked me the same: “Why don’t you sue?” I didn’t. I just kept writing about them.

    End result: The leader of the scam, one Tom McMurrain, was arrested here and extradited to the US and thrown in jail. The scheme collapsed.

    In this Friesner case, what he writes is so bizarre and over-the-top that I don’t think anyone takes it seriously.

    But the most important is that I don’t want to deal with Panama’s legal system. Here’s the scoop: I just got back from the personeria tercera, where I was called for a declaración indagatoria. First they didn’t have an interpreter ready, even though they had promised one. I then said I wouldn’t give any statements, because A) the lack of an interpreter is a violation of my rights and B) Panama has no jurisdiction in a case that is between a non-resident Dutchman, a non-resident Canadian and a website that is hosted in the United States.

    Well, so far so good, but then they presented me with an order from the personera, some old pea-brained tart called Silvia Delgado Gonzalez, which orders me to remove one or two articles from my website. Now I don’t know where they breed these imbeciles, but she can order all she want but that doesn’t give her authority over my websites outside of Panama, and I obviously won’t be taking down anything, and even less so since there hasn’t been a trial and I had not even been heard before she signed that order.

    Friesner has also filed several identical complaints with different fiscalias in a clear effort to cause as much harassment as possible. And this is the problem with Panama’s legal system and why I won’t deal with them any further: They’re like an old prostitute who opens her legs to any foreign criminal who wants to abuse her to shut a journalist down. For the crooks it’s a cheap fuck, and they can file cases that would never be accepted in the proper jurisdictions, and the Panamanian tax payer pays for the investigations, the prosecution and what have you. Subsidized abuse. Libel tourism. And I have no confidence whatsoever in the people who facilitate and encourage such abuse. I won’t deal with them, and I’m not going to follow their retarded orders. And thus I won’t use them for similar tactics against the mentally ill Monte Friesner, his idiotic wife (“Ornstein killed my poodle!”) or any of their accomplices.

    However, I am not the only one who is being smeared on Friesner’s website, and others may respond differently.

  9. This “legal add on” reads like a big joke, while we’re waiting for the punch line. They must know they have no legal grounds to pursue you? So why do they? Money? For some reason I don’t think so. It could be very interesting to find out what that is.
    Could Friesner be indeed a (ex-) “spy”? Snitching for the the US. Providing information about financial dealings with certain individuals, who generally do not like to work with banks? It would explain a lot.

  10. @EAZY: Believe me, Friesner is way too stupid to be a spy. He would give himself away within two minutes, because he’ll start bragging about it, and then your career as a spy is quickly over. I mean, he can’t even shield off his real identity with this wantedsa crappy site, or when he was posing as “Shanita Ramdin”. So forget it, he is not a spy or anything even remotely like it. He’s just a typical con man, and he’s panicking because his “business” is falling apart. More on that to follow.

  11. That would be the other option. 😉 Also extremely lucky so far, I’d say. I don’t know the man, so I’m just rationally trying to see the picture. I just can’t believe he’s protected like that. May be my hopes for Panama are too high. Is Panama really that stupid? (I know your answer.. 😉

    Anyway, whatever he may be, we’ll find out soon enough. When he goes bankrupt and/or to jail, he’s just what you said he is. If he is the unlikely informant, my guess is he will be found “belly up” one of these days.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  12. In the meantime, I wish to nominate Monte Friesner for the ASSHOLE OF THE YEAR AWARD. He might have a very good chance to become the 2010 Winner !

  13. @XIO
    He’d probably be honoured by that. Another title, yeaaah!
    An ass hole at least serves a purpose, for some even more than one. 😉

  14. @EAZY: Allow me to be kind to him for a change and grant yet another title to “Dr.” Monte Friesner, the infamous editor of the biggest amount of crap ever produced on the Web (wantedsa.com): “Winner of the 2010 Asshole of the Year Award”.
    As you say, he might even be honoured to figure on the same list of nominees as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Don Winner, Bosco Vallarino, Tito Afu and Wild Bill…

    • @XIO: You’re giving him waaaaay too much credit. All the people you mention (okay, minus Wild Bill), voice their crap under their own name. But Friesner is not just mentally ill, he’s also a coward and hides in the shadows. And then he is so stupid that he doesn’t hide his tracks. And he doesn’t just smear me, but some other people as well who can easily afford to have him shut down.

  15. This guy Monte, and his fear mongering tactics. It’s so obvious when he projects his own delusional personality deficiencies outwardly, trying to smear everyone for exactly what he is…a fraudulent, money laundering, jailbird ass, shemale loving, child molester. I would bet his daughter will need a very competent psychologist soon…if she doesn’t already see one! For men like Monte, who are so obviously obsessed with sex, and pedophiles…how did he manage while he was in jail? This must have been the beginning of his penis fixation. Why is he allowed to walk the streets? He’s a full joke…with no punch line! He tries to say he’s a lawyer from Columbia State University, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Columbia_State_University a diploma mill out of California! Or he’s a graduate of Chelsea University, http://www.chelsea.arts.ac.uk/ an art school…and it’s safe to say they don’t teach fraud artistry. Or he’s a commodore…c’mon, what movie is that from? Monte is a menace to the world….easily diagnosed sociopath http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html. How about a nickname game…Monte the Menace? However, I do like Wild Monte!

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  17. Monte the freak.
    I got this from .. Edmund Hui… and look who his ONE friend is…


    I like the “GlobalShow.ru ”
    Gee Russia. really?
    I know people who like Monte… i mean they really like him. They don’t do drugs.

    This is also interesting…
    go down to “forums and blogs” and “Informative Websites ”


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