“Wild Bill” and “Wild Ricardo”, dead bodies pile up in Bocas del Toro

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"Wild Bill" (left) and "Wild Ricky", competing for the title of serial killer of the year

The province of Bocas del Toro, already subject of an emerging tourist boycott, should probably be renamed The Killing Fields as corpses continue to pile up in the troubled archipelago. The police found a couple of dead people on the property of one "Wild Bill", who together with his wife killed previous owners of various properties and then took them for himself. So, if you sell your house or land in Bocas because you're fed up with Panama, be careful! You might end up dead!

Of course the media have already managed to majestically screw up the story, from Don Winner getting everything about a fake passport wrong to the rest of them claiming that this "Wild Bill" character is Dutch (he's not). Anyway, the whole thing has some entertainment value but that's really all there is to it.

The real story in Bocas continues to be the hundreds of wounded and tens of blinded people as a result of the police brutality earlier. Information about what really went on is slowly coming out.

The government installed an "independent" commission to get to the bottom of it, but the members had hardly been appointed or Martinelli & Co already launched their own "report" about the "truth". In their delusional version of events, the police arrested 7 year old children because they were "counting the number of policemen" for the activists. And the great number of people being shot in the face was because they "were shot while they were picking up stones".

Go pick up a stone. What do you look at? Right, the stone. You can't bend over and look up at the same time AND pick up a stone. The real conclusion here is that our government consists of pure imbeciles. Even their lies are stupid.

Meanwhile, answering the call by Sául Méndez to bypass our corporate media impostors, testimonies from victims and eyewitnesses are being recorded and distributed on the web.

Here is for example, the testimony of a woman whose husband wasn't participating in the protests but has been shot in the face and lost his sight. He was inside a house, the police fired teargas grenades into the houses and shot the people as they came out. Here's what Panamanian television won't show you:

And Ebrahim Asvat, of the La Estrella/El Siglo combo, posted today on Facebook that he has information confirming that at least ten people died in Bocas as a result of the police repression, and not two as the government and its lackeys in the media claim. Asvat claims that there are an unusual high number of bodies in the morgue in Almirante, many of them reportedly died of asphyxiation and heart attacks. El Siglo also carries the story, "six more dead in Bocas". All these people died on July 10th, from causes ranging from gunshot wounds to asthma. Among the victims a 10 months old baby - as we reported here first.

So, "Wild Bill" or "Wild Ricardo" - will the real serial killer please rise?

6 thoughts on ““Wild Bill” and “Wild Ricardo”, dead bodies pile up in Bocas del Toro

  1. Hola,

    Could you guys post all news in spanish as well or activate a translator for the entire website?
    I´m panamanian and speak english but not everyone does and every panamanaian needs to know all this.

  2. Yes I agree with Graciela, if you actually want to reach to Panamenians…this should be posted in spanish, I have panamenian co-workers who have no idea what’s going on in their own country….spanish articles will make a big difference to what you guys trying to achieve.

    Great job…I love reading your articles.

    • We’re trying to get this site dual-language. But it costs time and money, and so far the people who’d like us to publish in Spanish aren’t massively putting their money where their mouth is…. So you’ll have to be patient.

  3. Just like Waco and Oklahoma City too many facts are buried or hidden from the Public?

    TV accounts that show and state one thing and then magically disappear or are permanently altered and edited.

    Just to support the Government or Police very slanted point of view!

    All of this just like this Murder case now being push down our throats by Don the wanker !

    These individuals Only serve those who profit at the expense of others here in Panama!

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