Air Panama tries to salvage tourism in Bocas with wacky ad campaign

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Police unloading Air Panama plane at Changuinola airport

Air Panama, the hopelessly overpriced local airline that never flies on time, had a nice gig during the protests on and around the 10th of July in Bocas del Toro: Fly in the Dobermanns Machos del Monte Gustavo Perez goon squads! Nobody could fly to Changuinola because Air Panama was busy unloading murderous cops and ammo to shoot people in the face and kill babies.

However, the regular flying operations are apparently suffering from all the death and destruction in the plagued province, so the marketing geniuses have launched a campaign! See video below. Further comment unnecessary.

9 thoughts on “Air Panama tries to salvage tourism in Bocas with wacky ad campaign

  1. Viva a Le Panama!

    Why then, did the Government of Panama not bring back home teachers from the remote parts of Panama for School break because they do not have enough aircraft to fly them home!

    Funny how they, the Police preplanned the mobilization of up to five hundred policemen for a demonstration which have not occurred yet!

    But, they can not organize the return of teachers from remote locations on a Government sponsored yearly event, set up the previous year by the Government?

    It looks like suppressing the Population and protecting the Money launderers, drug traffickers, Multi-national corporations is more important than supporting and helping the teachers and people who educate the children of Panama!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  2. Hmmm can’t fly on Air Panama.

    Drive a car get a Transito shakedown.

    Take the bus, get robbed.

    The taxi refuses to take me where I want to go.

    Walk or ride a bicycle get run over by a drunk funcionario.

  3. It’s a new type of tourism the IPAT is looking into: guerilla tourism. Haven’t you heard? Come visit, take part in some conflict, get injured a bit, go home and tell others. Word is, the government’s waiving fees on weapon cases as luggage!

  4. @Tiere, we love Panama, that is why we are concerned. Loving a country does not mean blindly accepting the rule of an ethically challenged and out of control POS. Loving it does not mean accepting that its natural resources be raped by the highest bidder or the bidder that will make the most attractive offer to the 5% that rule this country. Loving it does not mean accepting an erosion of workers’ rights. On the contrary loving it means fighting against all of those things Loving it does not mean leaving it when the going gets tough. It means staying and helping making things right. If you love your country what are YOU doing right now?

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  6. Tere,

    Please! You have a whole internet full of endless promoters of the Panama fairy tale. This site is the one of the very few (2 maybe) that tells the truth about what really goes on here. It has been the most accurate in predicting the direction of the country. You have a million fluff to tell how beautiful life is here.

    Your “shut up or get out mentality” is common among expats who fall into three categories:

    One, those maintaining a charade to sustain the value of their investments.

    Two, those that can’t accept any criticism that disturbs their “dream” of Paradise.

    Three, those that are in quiet agreement or enthusiastic support with the tyrants that keep Panamanians poor, uneducated and subservient.

    I’m not sure where you fit in.

    If you are in the first category then perhaps you should concentrate on the downside here as the upside will take care of itself. Fighting to make Panama safe and secure country can’t be done pretending life is good. Cruel dictatorships have a habit of deep-sixing small foreign investment. (Often good for multinationals however!!)

    If you are living the “dream” then sites like this will give you advanced warning to get out before things get really ugly, as they may if things continue as they do.

    And if you are in the category that feels that keeping the downtrodden where they are will make your life more comfortable and allow you more of the limited world wealth, then you are fully connected with reality, and I apologize for assuming you were uninformed.

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