Panamanians don’t believe Martinelli’s economy hype

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Martinelli finds out that running a country is not the same as running a supermarket.

After a year Martinelli, endless hype and babble, the introduction of various wacky mega miracle schemes, imbecile laws, blah blah about "foreign direct investment", and bipolar presidential craziness, the vast majority of Panamanians just doesn't see it happen, economically speaking. A poll published by La Prensa shows that 78.6% of the population thinks that the economy is the same or even worse.

Most positive are the elderly - they benefit from the "$100 for 70" policy - and most negative are women whose political affiliation is PRD - lower middle class and poor, generally speaking.

A whopping 60.9% thinks that in another year, the economic situation will be the same (26.1%) or worse (34.8%).

Similarly, president Martinelli's approval rate cratered over recent months, and is now below 50%. The ratings for his most visible cabinet members - Lucy Molinar, Demetrio Papadimitriu, Juan Carlos Varela, Alberto Vallarino - fell steeply as well.

3 thoughts on “Panamanians don’t believe Martinelli’s economy hype

  1. This is a government of promises, “carrots for the horse”, and populism.

    However, that populism seems to be cracking because the middle and lower classes are seeing the self-evident incompetence and opportunism of CAMBIO DEMAGOGICO.-

    What will come next? “woe to you dear Panama”

  2. Nero(Martinelli) fiddled as Rome Burned!

    The Rest of the world is scaling back and on the very verge of Bankruptcy!

    Panama goes forth Blindly!

    Spending and spending and nothing ever gets fixed or repaired!

    The bubble did not burst!

    It will explode without any form of prejudice or feelings for the people of Panama!

    The Numbers here in Panama just do not add up!!!!

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