Varela turns Panama government into drunken circus

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Official booze.

Great news in La Prensa today. Many made jokes saying that Martinelli is running our country as if it were a supermarket, and now this turns out to be actually true!

Meet our new foreign sales division headed by Giovanni Afú. He, like MANY others, got his job because he used to work for our vice-president Varela's alcohol empire, Hermanos Varela, which makes that poisonous shit called "seco" among other things.

So Afú gets a job at Panama's embassy in Spain, and instead of doing embassy work, guess what? He's selling Ron Abuelo, another brand of Varela's company, to those poor Panamanian expats who had hoped to escape inferior booz and Panamanian juega vivo and corruption. See his email to all Panamanians in Spain below.

Afú is just one example, La Prensa lists many more.


3 thoughts on “Varela turns Panama government into drunken circus

  1. Maybe next they should set up a Culeco in front of Gaudi’s Church in Barcelona and start hosing down some Spanairds.

    • Well, today in La Prensa, Hermanos Varela director AND president of the National Assembly José Luis Varela says that selling Ron Abuelo through the embassies is a “matter of pride”.

      This is so funny if it weren’t so sad….. These clowns talking about making Panama a regional business center and what not and then what it comes down to is selling their booze.

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