Bosco the Clown takes another shot at Guinness Book of Records

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After his epic fail of organizing the "biggest Christmas party in the world" and have it included in the Guinness Book of Records and then attempting to turn Panama City into the biggest garbage dump of the world, mayor Bosco Vallarino is now taking another shot at it with the biggest government advertisement in the world.

Bosco the Clown, instead of solving the ever increasing trash problem in the city, plans to run ads in the media listing the names of those residents who haven't paid their garbage collection fee, so that they "will feel ashamed for their neighbors", as the generally despised mayor explained to La Prensa.

However, he also claims that this list contains 140,000 names. Each name is at least three words, which brings it at 420,000 words at the minimum. It would probably take an entire section of any of the newspapers to publish that list in full, if not more. A new record!

And guess what? Nobody will care. Why pay for services that aren't being provided?

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