The real trash problem is that the government is trash

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Our government's solution to the trash problem: dump it on the poor!

So they've been at it for months now, Bosco the Clown, Martinelli, Jimmy "los groceros somos más" Papadimitriu and so on, but simple organizing to get garbage in Panama City collected and processed is way too difficult for these geniuses.

So they needed a place to store the trash before - before whatever they would think of next to do with it because, as said, these people don't plan anything.

And where do you think they stored the trash? The parking lots of Multiplaza? The cinta coimera? In front of the mayor's office?

Nope. They dumped it in Panama's poorest neighborhood, El Chorillo. Tons of trash in an area where people live already in sanitary challenged conditions. You see what classy people we have here for a government? First they keep you poor, then they dump trash on you!

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