Failed developers/arms traffickers hire scam pimp

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The Naos Island project, which Frenadeso says served to launder money from arms sales to Colombian terrorist groups

As a real estate developer, one has to be a true mega-loser to screw up two of your three projects and then hire Don Winner to manage the public perception of your failures. But believe it or not, this is exactly what Grupo MSG has done. The company started developing Naos Harbor Island, on the causeway, and Malibu Beach, in Gorgona. Both projects are stalled, mired in debt, permits weren't in place, no title on the land, and with lots of people who already paid a deposit complaining and threatening lawsuits.

Of course Don Winner's job is now to explain time after time that all will be well. Which it won't. People will lose their money.

So who exactly is Don Winner working for this time? Grupo MSG is headed by one Marcos Shrem Gateno and his family. Lawyer and former legislator Jorge Hernán Rubio is one of the subscribers of the firm (according to Frenadeso Noticias), member of law firm Rubio, Alvarez, Solis y Abrego. A group of Canadian investors was swindled out of their money by that law firm, which forwarded the stolen funds (they were supposedly holding them in "escrow") to Homes, the rogue outfit headed by one Alexandre Henrique Ventura Nogueira, with strong ties to the Murcia fraud and money laundering empire in Panama.

Marco Shrem

Marcos Shrem Gateno himself is worth taking a closer look at too. Marcos Shrem Martines, Marcos Shrem Gateno and Moris Shrem Gateno formed the board of a company called "Marksman Latin America, S.A.". That company was involved in the sales of arms to the Colombian paramilitaries in 2003, which were hired by Chiquita to protect their plantations against such nuisances like, say, labor unions, and have activists "neutralized".  Marcos Shrem partnered with Shimon Yelinek, an Israeli arms dealer, and using a Panamanian end user certificate they bought arms from the Nicaraguan military in an elaborate scheme that also involved then head of police Barés. One load was shipped to the terrorist group in the infamous boat the Otterloo. Chiquita was convicted in the US courts, but the middlemen in the arms ring never faced much legal trouble. According to FRENADESO, the construction projects like Naos Island and Malibu Beach served to launder the proceeds of the illegal arms trade.

So, in short, Don Winner is now the spin guy for someone who was involved in selling arms to terrorist groups, and his job is to make people believe the money laundering schemes are really viable real estate projects. Cute!

UPDATE 20/3: Writes Don Winner: "Marco Shrem has been working hard to dig out of this hole and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I continue with the same advice - just hold on and be patient. If this wasn't real, I would not be involved".

We can't stop laughing, really. After Tom McMurrain, Rex Freeman, Tom Rowley, Richard Fifer, Capira Valley - believe us, if Don Winner is involved, it's a fraud. No exceptions.

6 thoughts on “Failed developers/arms traffickers hire scam pimp

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  2. Well the Scam screamer is the Scammer as we figured, He loves to go after people as scammers and as I always figured it was nothing more than a Smoke Screen. He is nothing but a total scammer. We are so happy to help point this fraud out. We haven’t found any record of his military life So Another DON WINNER Fraud. Plus we found out that you really have to be a looser to only get to Master Sergent in the Air Force if he was in the Air Force. A real accomplishment. Between the Expat Groups and Don Winner they are the ones that seem to be getting into the pockets of Honest People. Eddie Kahn now in jail for 10 years running the Expat groups. FYI Anybody coming to Panama stay away from the Forums and the Expat Groups they are the Scammers and waiting to take your money. Just Like Sandra Synder another scammer.

  3. You know, I kinda missed the twerp ranting and raving about everything and everybody. But you gotta admit, Okke, having Don back in the real estate development business is like shooting fish in a barrel. Your posts will write themselves.

  4. This guy needs a muzzle, and by this guy I obviously mean Don Winner. He spews nothing but lies, and has no respect for journalism. It is clear to see he’s capable of doing just about anything for a shiny nickle. I dont know how he is able to lead people on, with no real evidence. People need to wake up and smell his lies

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