Leftists claim Panama Canal directors suck

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We don't know why, but the boys and girls of FRENADESO have something to complain about everything, always. This time it's about the freshly appointed directors on the board of the Panama Canal Authority: Instead of getting fresh new and capable faces on board of the waterway in such difficult economic times, Martinelli has appointed a bunch of characters who are tainted by scandals!

First there is Nicolás Corcione Pérez Balladares - yes, he is a nephew of the ex-president currently under house arrest on corruption charges. He is a construction mogul, advisor of the metrobus project, business partner of Martinelli, promoter of fake labor unions and construction workers die like flies on his building sites because he doesn't implement obligatory security measures. When that led to protests, protesters were killed by the police. We'd say that these are exactly the kind of qualifications we need on the board of the only enterprise that gives Panama at least a minimal level of international prestige.

Then we have one José A. Sosa Arango. He was part of the Venezuelan-Panamanian consortium Van Dam-Sosa & Barbero which was awarded a contract in 1980, during the Omar Torrijos dictatorship, to build a highway and a bridge over the Canal. They pocketed $24,300,000.00 and NEVER built the highway nor the bridge! Corruption? Theft? That's what those leftists suggest, but we wouldn't put it that way: It is exactly the kind of smart entrepreneurship we need at the Canal. And maybe he'll steal the money for the expansion project too so that Panama is saved from that white elephant.

So we think that Martinelli couldn't have made better choices to improve honesty, transparency and professionalism in the way the Canal is being managed. Another major step by our corruption-busting president99 towards a better Panama!

One thought on “Leftists claim Panama Canal directors suck

  1. I thought Martinelli was some kind of a big shot with WalMart in his early career. If that’s the case, how come he didn’t learn the lesson of ethics from this model of corporate ethics? Oh, wait. I had it confused. WalMart needs to learn to be a model of corporate ethics so it can teach its junior executives corporate ethics….yeah, that’ll happen when donkeys fly out of my ass.

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