Getting all fishy with Bosco the Clown

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Martinelli at the fish market

Here's a picture of our fearless president visiting the fish market on Avenida Balboa when you could still safely go there. This was during his campaign, but those days are OVER!

That is because the mayor of Panama City, Bosco the Clown, is not just a corrupt jerk who can't keep his hands out of the municipality's coffers and wastes resources on epic fails like the "Biggest Christmas Party of the World"; he can't even keep the fish market clean!

An inspection revealed rotting fish, flies everywhere, absence of ice, a freezing room too dirty to enter, water doesn't work and so on and so on.

The fish market was donated by Japan, when Mayin Correa was mayor of the city, and has always been a model of how to run such a thing. Correa is now governor of the Panama province and has ordered Bosco the Clown to clean things up. This of course won't work. The guy is too stupid to get anything done. Courtesy of Martinelli!

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