WankerWatch: Don Winner threatens webhost

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Just of the phone with the owner of the server which hosts The Noriegaville News (PanamaSpace, highly recommended) and he told us that Don Winner had called him to threaten him that if Noriegaville wasn't taken down, he'd name the hoster as an accomplice in all the crimes yours truly has committed in Don Loser's perverted view of the world.

The owner of the server is a very good guy who didn't give in to such threats earlier - the cancer treatment scam - and he wasn't impressed with Donnie Wanker's mobster talk now either.

We expect calls from our gas station any minute now, informing us that Wanker threatened them not to sell us any more gas for the Noriegaville vehicle fleet because that makes them "accomplices" in the "crimes" we have committed. This Loser has so completely gone off the deep end that nothing would surprise us any more.

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