San Cristobal associate Homer W. Forster arrested – again

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Fugitive fraudster and money laundering consultant Homer W. Forster and his wife Donna Lynch have been arrested on June 28 in Estepona on the Spanish Costa del Sol. They are currently awaiting their extradition to Atlanta, Georgia in a Madrid prison. Forster, who had assumed a false name and carried a UK passport in the name of "Dr. Leonard Adams", was a broker and legal advisor of the failed noni and land scam San Cristobal in Panama, and a good friend of its principal Barry J. Miller and its former bookkeeper Tom Rowley.

We first published a story about Mr. Forster and his activities in December 2003, when he was briefly detained in Dubai, but released again for lack of an extradition treaty with the USA.

Barry Miller then alleged that the story would most certainly be untrue because this journalist had, in his view, written other untruthful articles about him and his company. He sent an email to all members of Forster's public email list asking for information about his "good friend" and because, as he put it "Ornstein is out to destroy my company."

Now that extradition has apparently been agreed upon by Spain, it's probably safe to reveal that this journalist had access to some documents and emails coming from Mr. Forster's laptop computer, which confirmed his identity already in the initial stages of our investigation. His email address book, to name just one example, contained the names, birthdays, and other personal details of his ex-wife and children, as well as other contacts from his past life before he became a fugitive.

His identity was also confirmed by one Daniel Wiant, formerly of the American Cancer Society. Wiant tried to defraud his employer of millions of dollars while Forster was to stash the loot in a "friendly" bank in Austria. Wiant was arrested and convicted, but Forster escaped that faith.

When arrested in Dubai, his fingerprints were taken and sent to the US, and the US Marshal's office then confirmed that he was indeed Forster. In Spain, all the paperwork that ordered his arrest carried his real name too.

After publication of the first article, we were approached by various people who had lost money with "Dr. Adams" and/or were otherwise connected to him. Since his release from Dubai for example, Forster managed to swindle an old lady out of her money in England, promising her that he would take care of the inheritance being distributed to her heirs after she had died. That money was of course never to be heard of again, leaving another British woman and a New York psychiatrist wondering what had happened to it and "Dr. Len Adams".

A number of people contacted us as well about Forster's travels and activities together with one Gregg Rene Walter. Walter has since been arrested and extradited as well, and is currently serving a prison sentence for fraud in the US. The duo traveled to Ibiza, where the owner of the hotel where they stayed didn't trust them for their strange behavior and contacted us. We also received reports about a mysterious person on a big yacht that accompanied Forster in Spain, Ibiza and France. Walter, in his turn, made a tour along the Atlantic coast of Spain for which Forster paid but which appeared to serve little business purpose. There are other bits of info that suggest a connection with drug trafficking. We will keep you posted.

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