Martinelli is being treated very, very unfair

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Face to face with Martinelli - photo YouTube

So finally he came up for air. Our beloved ex-president Ricardo Martinelli, on the run for corruption investigations in Panama and, we think, Italy, appeared on a Florida TV station we had never heard of to give an interview that Panamanians can only watch on the YouTubes. He was guest on the show of Maria Elvira Salazar, who threw him one fluffball extremely critical question after the other ("are your supermarkets under threat as well?") so we're sure that all was on the up and the up with this televised confrontation.

We learned many new things. There is no corruption in Panama, our fearless capo told us. Or at least there wasn't, because now with Varela as the new president, things have radically changed. Gone is the respect for due process that was one of the hallmarks of Martinelli's administration. Gone is the responsible use of media and thoughtful debate for which the glorious Ricardo was known in the world. His Panama was open to foreigners and guaranteed their investments.

And now, with Varela - who seems to have replaced the PRD as Martinelli's featured bogeyman - all these great accomplishments are in shambles, to the point that this hard working money laundering supermarket mogul fears for his life and that of his family because Varela wants to kill him dead.

No wonder, then, that Martinelli won't return to Panama until he has guarantees. Or until he's being extradited, that is, because cases against him are being built in record time on the isthmus. Or will Obambi protect him?

Anyway, for whom wants to see the latest in this telenovela about a corrupt former klepto-president on the run, here's one of the videos of the "interview" he gave.


3 thoughts on “Martinelli is being treated very, very unfair

  1. Ahhh the internet video interview and press release businesses. Where you can $produce any $cripted interview to make it look like it was the BBC doing it! And those wonderful press release Site$ the preferred and mo$t economical form loved by the Scamsters to make their goods have a legitimarte appearance.

    • It’s a real TV station though, largely managed by the Miami-Cuban crowd, which is probably why so much time was devoted on showing what a good guy Martinelli is because he would not invite Castro and agitated against Venezuela and so on. As with Mireya, Carlos Perez, and Uribe, these are probably the only allies he has left.

  2. When you steal, embezzle, and defraud the people and the Country of Panama of over $64 Billion and climbing still!

    How else could Martinelli handle and explain his deluded demented Psychotic Fantastical Fraudulent song and dance existence to his dearest yet closes members of his criminal cd party and their felonious associates who he has enriched so covertly yet blatantly!

    His vast sense of loyalty is quantified only by his choice of new found foreign domicile which will garner his wealth and hinder extensive extradition by Panama and Italy, all the while dropping the Mega hammer down heavily on his dearest yet closes friends and members of his criminal cd party and their felonious associates.

    Martinelli the overt wannabe criminal mastermind and Panama’s own almost first billionaire, in reality will become the biggest “Judas Goat” in Panamanian history, giving up all of his closes friends and members of his criminal cd party, their felonious associates, and their wealth in hopes he could save his stolen fortune and stay of one of the many Panamanian prison, if he does not disappear like so many others that have cross his path!

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