Kathleen Peddicord doesn’t know shit about Panama

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Let's call a spade a spade and tell it like it is: Kathleen Peddicord, formerly of International Living and now of Live & Invest Overseas, doesn't know anything about Panama at all no matter what she says or writes or how many bullshit seminars she and her husband organize. All you need to remember about Peddicord and her associates are the three S's about living and investing overseas: Scams, Schemes and Scum. She's married to a real estate guy, one Lief Simon, and we best remember the duo for teaming up with real estate swindlers Christie Sweeney and Dennis Martinez (who famously claimed that they would "change Pedasi" and then disappeared together with the never-built "Bellamar" condo project) to pump some development on the western tip of the Azuero. This being Panama, it netted Lief Simon an honorable mention from a drooling Matt Landau on his "Top 9 influential foreigners" list.

In between selling get-rich-quick coconut bullshit investments and ripping people off with crap seminars, Kathleen Peddicord still has time to write spammy plugs on the Huffington Post website. The latest is called "10 Things To See And Do In Panama City's Rowdiest, Bawdiest Zone" and it's a total load of crock. She even can't get her geography straight. Or anything else for that matter:

El Cangrejo is also Panama City's rowdiest, bawdiest zone. It could be called the city's Red Light District, though no discrete red lights are required to signal the locations of brothels or other sex-industry businesses. Prostitution is legal in Panama, and El Cangrejo is where the trade is largely focused in the country's capital. This may bother you or be just what you're in the market for. In the case of the latter, know that the Veneto Hotel and surrounding streets are a good place to hang out. If the case of the former, the Veneto and environs might be a good area to avoid.

This is absolute nonsense. the rowdiest and bawdiest Red Light zone in Panama is not El Cangrejo, but Santa Ana and San Felipe. That is, the streets and bars ("The Fox Hole", for example) around Plaza 5 de Mayo and Calle J in Santa Ana and then the bars on the edge of San Felipe, in front of where the mercado publico used to be, with names like, "La Bocatoreña." Other rowdy hot zones include the dirty triangle where the Fernando Cordoba meets Via España, with the Meto Bar and what used to be the Torremolinos and several other shadowy places. A bit more upscale and you'd end up in either Calle Uruguay, which, contrary to Peddicord's suggestion, is not in El Cangrejo but in Bella Vista, or in the banking district, notably the casino of the Marriott Hotel or the Habanos "cigar club" in front of it, which is the most exclusive pick-up place for Colombian prostitutes in town. The rowdiest it gets in El Cangrejo is with real estate pimps like Peddicord and Simon trying to get attention.

#3: Beirut restaurant for Lebanese fare and, during the dinner service, traditional belly dancing performed live table to table (...)

Beirut is a great restaurant, but it's not in El Cangrejo either. It's in the banking district, which is called Obarrio. This is how much Peddicord knows about Panama, she mixes up streets and neighborhoods and outside the beaten tourist and expat paths she is completely clueless about the place. Beware!

13 thoughts on “Kathleen Peddicord doesn’t know shit about Panama

  1. YES, 95% of the Panamanians speak Farsi and are Muslim too? LOL!

    Well, if they can not get the lay of the land right, may be they can create a new tourist zone for the Rich and stupid investors called Zona Chorrillo gateway to Inter American, the Interior of Panama and for lite night entertainment, sure to get you robbed, stabbed, shot, and lay out for eternity!!
    Kathleen and her lovable hubby should fit right in! Their Spanish might be a bit rusty, but money talks in Panama! Yet, The BS just keeps piling up here!

    • By the way, when I received this in my inbox and clicked on the “read comments” link, an ad for International Lying popped up. Gotta fix that.

  2. If you’re wondering why her right eye skews to the right, it’s because that is her “Lief Eye”. It keeps an eye on Lief so he doesn’t stray…especially in Colombia.

  3. Some people are very upset with us calling Peddicord out on her bullshit, judging from some of the responses that come in. Very funny. As if we’ve accused the Pope of child pornography.

    • Well, they basically all say that Mrs. Peddicord is right about everything, always, and that I am a criminal because I actually conosco mis calles. And then they complain about “censorship” because they are not allowed to call me names anonymously on my site. Bunch of morons.

    • Don’t you get tired of the censorship in this politically correct world? I mentioned I’d be surprised if this scammy couple doesn’t get buried in Panama, considering they ruin lives. It was not published. This place sucks.

  4. something needs to be done about this guy lief simon…he is promising 400% plus returns on your money- how? you buy a 1/4 acre of a mango plantation in the Darien ( no mention of meeting USDA requirements for US sales) ….or give him money to invest for you in Hydroponics ??? ( he is now saying that one day they will switch to medical marijuana cultivation?!) ….. good luck finding your property- no lawyers to review your documents, no word on restrictions, total SCAMMER. I think if enough of us refer complaints to a US Attorney , I’m confident he is in violation of federal laws / regulations and at a minimum will have to be subpoenaed to answer under oath about his income, bank accounts, relations with foreign corporations etc.

  5. Ricardo Vergara,
    Are you in Panama? What do you know about these 2 projects you mentioned? I must confess that I looked at those but can not evaluate them properly. There may be a 3rd project planting teak .
    Has anybody reading this current updates and any thoughts on these projects?
    Thank you.

  6. The thing with scammers, like this couple, is they ruin lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the scammed hunts them down and treats them to a Panamanian dirt nap! Do evil unto others enough times and that evil makes its way back to you.

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