OMG Fragancia arrested

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And? You like the video? We were totally blown away. Why is this artist not better known, everywhere? Not just boundless talent he has, no, we were more than anything else impressed by the creative forces behind this video. A forest, girls in ultra-short pants - we'd never have thought of it.

Go on the YouTubes and you'll find similar gems, with girls in a Hummer for example. And then they say that Panama has no culture!

Anyway. You'll understand that we were shocked and sad to learn that Fragancia - whose real name turns out to be Roberto Charles Alvarado - was arrested on Thursday in Rio Abajo for selling pirate CD's. Do people still use CD's???

On website, readers and fans expressed their anger in the comments.  "You steal millions from everybody and nothing happens, but you sell some pirated CD's in the streets and they arrest you," was about the friendliest that people had to say about the Panamanian authorities.

And one wonders indeed. Rio Abajo is not the nicest part of town. Surely the police can find more useful things to do than harass a a reguesero who - sadly but understandably - didn't really make it in showbiz.  So we speak in solidarity here: Free Fragancia! Has someone started a petition already?

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