Panama business community takes Wall Street stock swindler as example

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Hurry up! If you're quick, maybe you can still get tickets for $600 and take responsibility for your own success! Learn about direct sales from the best, from someone who went to jail because he knew how to swindle old people out of their life savings! Watch the video!

Yes, dear reader, Panama never ceases to amaze, and this time we're offered fascinating insights into the mindset of our local business community, such as it is.

Because, tomorrow, the 23rd of October, we have the festive start of the first "Panama Business Forum 2014" in hotel El Panama. Well, nice, you'd think. But it's not nice, it is fantastic! Of all successful business people, or even sales people that the Business Chamber could have invited - you know, people who successfully sell real things using real stories - these business leaders have instead opted to invite as their keynote guest a guy who made millions selling hot air to unsuspecting investors: Jordan Belfort, otherwise known as the Wolf of Wall Street.

Breathless reporting in El Visitante:

One of the top sales trainers in America is coming to Hotel El Panamá to share his unique and proven sales approach. The “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort, will share his “Straight Line System” on Thursday, October 23 as part of the Business Forum hosted by the Panama Business Chamber.

What does this all mean? Well, it tells you just about everything you need to know about the business ethics that prevail in Panama and the aspirations of those in the orbit of the Business Chamber: Short term gains, get rich quick, don't worry about victims or selling a product/service that is even real for that matter.

Of course, you a sort of knew that already, didn't you?

Will they have cocaine and young women of low moral fiber, just like in the movie, and are those included in the $600 entry fee? Maybe one of the attendants can let us know!

Oh, and just in case you can't make it: There's another event coming up that you wouldn't want to miss, the King of Bad Science Deepak Chopra is coming to Panama on November 25th and it's cheaper than the stock swindler!

2 thoughts on “Panama business community takes Wall Street stock swindler as example

  1. Financial Pacific over$14 Million disappeared along with a a few employees and their families also! 2013

    Let us not forget British American Insurance where over $18 Million was transferred out of Panama,(with the Panamanian Insurance commissioners blessing) then the British American Insurance company shut down, with over 11,000 policy holders holding the empty medical coverage bag, $millions in worthless annuities and life insurance! 2011

    All that should be enough to drive away any prospective honest investor in Panama!

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