Great Metrobus showdown

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Diablo Rojo ©Okke OrnsteinFor years we have wished for this to happen. A battalion of Diablos Rojos, four lanes wide, god knows how long, slowly making its way down the main arteries of Panama City. Exhausts roaring, horns blazing, engines growling. Here they come! Battle music swells (are there any Scottish bagpipe players here?). A spectacle to behold. Panama popular culture showing its muscle. And it's finally gonna happen! They're back!

Because of the ongoing chaos with the Metrobuses (not enough buses, management doesn't know how to make schedules that work, not enough recharge points for the cards, long lines in the morning, many buses already damaged), the transportistas have decided to help out and bring back the Diablos Rojos in the streets, starting Wednesday. Cool, you'd think. Problem solved while MiBus gets its act together.

But that's not how the authorities in this country think. They think that they still have a face that can be saved in the Metrobus debacle. So the traffic authorities ATTT have said that they will not tolerate any Diablos Rojos in the streets.

"Screw them", is the reply from the transportistas, "we're going anyway".

So now the likely scenario is that Martinelli & Co are going to bury what was left of their "political future" even further by sending out the cops to stop de Diablos Rojos. Yes, that is stupid - no government ever survives a transport crisis they created and can't solve - but what do you expect from them? Intelligence?

This of course promises to become an epic battle. Passengers will massively join sides with the transportistas. Demolition derbies between the Metrobuses and the old Diablos Rojos can not be ruled out, and all that to the tune of the latest reggeaton hits blasting from the sound systems!

We can't be there and will be watching it on TV, but dear readers, please, if you happen to witness any of this, send us your stories and pics!

UPDATE: Well, so much for that. Most transportistas are PRD and thus wimps. They didn't fire up their buses because they say they were "intimidated". Yes, of course they will try to intimidate! So what?

3 thoughts on “Great Metrobus showdown

  1. MiBus in actuality does not have clue to how many buses it has or how many employees!

    Insiders have stated that MiBus has fired over 1000 drivers and workers in the past six months alone!

    MiBus and ATTT Contract, interesting reading:


    “Ivan Posada, one of the managers of MiBus said the company has 2000 buses”

    NOW SUDDENLY there are Now 2000 Buses?

    MiBus Companies, Ivan Posada and another MiBus spokesperson stated that they have only 1200 metro buses on March 22, 2013 on both TVN and Telemetro morning news.

    Just what is the truth here?

    Any sane Person and real honest Government would have set up this Metro Bus system to work not fail in the first place!

    You do not dismantle one system before you have build up the system to replace it fully first!

    This system has now wasted over half a $Billion, Yet it is still not functional after two years of so-called full scale operation.

    The MiBus and ATTT Ministers should be Fired and removed immediately for gross incompetence dereliction, and the fraudulent misuse of public monies!

  2. I think that @DRDIAS is on the right path, only the stopped too soon. Not only should those people be fired, but the people who appointed them and the people who appointed them (have we gotten far enough up the food chain to fire Martinelli,yet) should be fired. If we haven’t gotten far enough up the food chain, then the process should continue until Il Duce and all his Mossad wannabes are fired too.

    As for the Diablo Rojo drivers who felt “intimidated”, my advice would be to unzip your pants and check to see if you still had two of them in the sack down there. Obviously you don’t or you would have had your confrontation with Il Duce and his Mossad wannabes. Try calling around to a good urologist and see if you can get an emergency appointment for emergency surgery to have a testicle transplant done ASAP.

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