Mark Boswell loses court case in Costa Rica

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Don Winner (L) and Mark Boswell (R)

Don Winner (L) and Mark Boswell (R)

Mark Boswell, a/k/a "Rex Freeman" a/k/a "Dillon Norris" a/k/a "Charles Thomas" and a whole bunch of other aliases, former financial advice columnist of Don Winner's "Panama Guide" and an accomplished financial swindler and gambling cheat, lost a court case that was brought in Costa Rica against him by one of his former employees.

That is, it was only one employee who was persistent enough to pursue a case in which Boswell did not show up in court nor respond to any of the charges. Other employees, with Boswell staying out of sight, had just cut their losses and moved on, or so we heard.

The ex-employee won the case. Boswell has to pay. It remains to be seen if he will, because the former right-wing militia radio talkshow host ("Clinton was behind the Oklahoma bombing") has so far accomplished little else in life than build a large following of people who want their money back.

You can read the verdict in Spanish here.


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