Mary Sloane heads bloody revolution

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UPDATED, see below. - Mary K. Sloane, disbarred Canadian lawyer for stealing client funds. Over a million dollars from foreigners living in Panama disappeared into a pyramid scheme through her. Of course our own Scam Pimp vehemently defended Mrs. Sloane's activities on his fraud promotion website. And notably on the website, run by the chronically hysteric Laura Alexander, Mrs. Sloane was featured for quite a while as a "prominent member" of Panama's "expat community". Eric Jackson did a great write-up of the vast network of crooks and con men she was a part of here in Panama.

If you look for her name in the public registry, it turns out that she's still a director of a number of corporations and subscriber to yet a whole bunch of other ones.

However, these businesses seem not to have worked out that well for the crooked Mary K. Sloane. The magazines she was part of have all vanished. Other references on the web to her "wealth building" schemes have also disappeared. And even the chronically hysterical Laura Alexander no longer promotes Mrs. Sloane as an upstanding member of the expat community, such as it is. So what's Sloane up to these days?

Sanitary napkins.

Believe it or not, but the wealth building FOREX scammer runs a Facebook page called "The Sanipad Revolution", which points to the website of this messy affair:

The PERFECT Lead Product, Sanitary Napkins, are you sure? Think about it! if you plan to create a global corporation and do it in a matter of a few years, not decades, you have to have a lead product that is quickly accepted all over the world. The barriers to entry in virtually every country around the world are low on sanitary napkins. There is seldom much regulation with respect to this sort of product at all. Secondly it is a need, not a want product. No woman is going to say, “No, I don’t have the money to buy sanitary pads right now, I’ll buy them next month”. So clearly once a woman has chosen a sanitary napkin brand she is likely to use it month, after month, after month.

A sanitary napkin Multi-Level Marketing scheme. We think it smells really bad.

UPDATE: It's worse than we thought. Mrs. Sloane maintains a Linkedin profile as well where, to our horror, she purports to be a, we kid you not, "Social Media Strategist for Film Makers, Authors and Skin Care Specialists". With a link to a website that is so unfathomably crappy and bad and criminally ugly that that in itself makes this a fraud.

2 thoughts on “Mary Sloane heads bloody revolution

  1. It seems our lovely Mary has a mind that is super absorbent as far as scams are concerned. May I be so bold as to say that she has internalized fraud and taken it to a newer yet lower level.

  2. Yes, but do they fit discretely in the bolsa and the application of the product being just as discreet? If the answer is yes, the that prominent fraud promoter, the one whose name cannot be spoken, will need them more than once a month to cover his mouth when he speaks.

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