Voodoo psycho babble with Geraldine Emiliani

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Once, in another life and on another website, we wrote already about Gerladine Emiliani, Panama's most prominent and most retarded psychologist. The reason, if we remember correctly, was that she said that sexual education in schools could, among girls, lead to diseases such as lesbianism.

And now our friend Rob Rivera, of the Porto Diao website, has declared war on this charlatan too!

Apparently, Mrs. Emiliani has added some new gems to a long list of wacky statements. She commented for example in a recent opinion piece in La Estrella that an unexplained increase in possessed youngsters on the Caribbean coast was due to the bad influence of the media, the internet, video games and so on. These all contributed, according to the psychologist, to the youth coming under the influence of evil spirits. The Catholic church even had to outsource exorcism, unable to handle the cases themselves.

Stick with the faith, the wannabe Taliban recommends, and spirits and devils and demons can't touch you. She doesn't mention garlic, unfortunately, or oak sticks.

Emiliani was earlier nominated for a Pink Egg Award by Panama's gay community, such as it is, for her relentless homophobia.

For the full takedown of this fake psychologist, this impostor and purveyor of bad taste and backwardness, go read the Rob Rivera piece, here.

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