We’re going to court! Well, maybe…

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Finally the authorities have figured out that 1 plus 1 is 2, and that if they contact your editor for one thing at his residence they could probably contact him there for something else as well. So, after endless delays and rumors by the usual idiots about where yours truly would supposedly be hiding, the always friendly local personero showed up at the door with not one, but two notifications to appear in court.

Case 1 is of course Monte Friesner, who ages ago filed a libel suit. Actually he alleged extortion and libel and killing his poodle, but those appear to have been skipped from the menu. The case is on the roll for October 3, at 2:00 PM.

From the same court came case 2, also a libel suit, but this one was filed by Patrick Visser, together with his wife Keren Visser-Katz and Maurice Sjerps. This trio ran a reforestation scheme called "Silva Tree" which has since been renamed into "Sustainable Capital Group". They offered guaranteed returns on plantations, claimed to be certified where they weren't and similar scammy stuff. This case is scheduled for September 25, at 8:30 AM.

Both are at the 14th Criminal Court (libel is a crime in Panama), and both promise to be a lot of fun, that is, if we're going, which is not entirely a sure thing, as we don't really want to participate in some circus where the prosecutors go after journalists instead of swindlers. I have to say though that it's a kind of appropriate to see Friesner and Visser a sort of thrown in the same basket by the legal system in our beloved republic.

Anyway, that ends our public service announcement, and have a nice day!

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