Police enjoys bikini contest

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There are of course those who think that our heroic police force is up to no good. That they want to grab power in our sweet little nation. That they want impunity for all their crimes. That they're not professional.

All wrong, and lies! What the police is really doing is keeping an eye on our safety, especially in nightlife areas. They go from bar to bar, club to club, and ask for shots of seco. Quality control, so that nobody gets sick. You see how that works?

And then they hang out for a while and watch a bikini contest, also for quality control. Click on the thumbnail to see the full picture, which was taken last Saturday night in Panama's Zona Viva. Proteger y Servir!

5 thoughts on “Police enjoys bikini contest

  1. With a secrete police budget of over $500Million!

    Why not sample the local talent and rape the natural resources of the Panamanian Bar and Disco scene!

    After all the National police have nothing better to do!

    Why enforce Panamanian Law and the Panamanian Constitution?

    When you can pocket every thing that is not tied down as the spoils of Law enforcement Panamanian style!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  2. One must also remember here in the interior the rule of law is bought and sold via the Governors, Mayors, Representatives and their Suplente’s.

    They order the police to enforce or look the other way no matter what judicial code it may be…….

  3. Don’t forget the frequent check ups on Colombian girls. Just last night, walking by the Veneto Hotel, patrol cars were outside and girls were dragged into them.
    As I live close-by it is a spectacle I frequently encounter. Supposedly they are looking for illegal aliens. BS of course as no Colombiana enters the casino without her papers. It’s a simple mafia shake-down. I can not imagine how this is supposed to look good tourism-wise. These girls harm none and if the casino doesn’t want’t them they can refuse them. Simple.
    As a tourist staying in the hotel, the sight of these girls wouldn’t scare me off. The intimidating police presence certainly would.

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