Mulino punched KO by Gustavo Perez

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Raul Mulino, our beloved Minister of Security, corrupt radar schemer and foulmouthed opponent of any and all activism in Panama, is out. Kaput. Over. He resigned today, and you can read his letter to Martinelli here.

The resignation is the result of yet another Panamanian crisis. For months, the government (Mulino), the National Police and the United States had been working on a new law that would introduce a bit of accountability into the police and its military departments SENAFRONT and Aeronaval. As in, a sort of an independent internal affairs thing, with independent (cough...) tribunals judging alleged corruption and other bad things.

So, this new law gets presented at the National Assembly, and then all of a sudden police chief and former Noriega crony Gustavo Perez came out and said, "well, that's not gonna happen. Only the police investigates the police".

And Martinelli, who needs the police because he doesn't have any popular support left, quickly obeyed orders and withdrew the law from the Assembly, by twitter.

Is it now the police chief who runs the government in Panama? It seems so, and logically everybody is up in arms about it. The police, in turn, released a series of tweets (politics are practiced on Twitter in Panama) explaining that they were ready to discuss the law, had asked for more time, and other such vague excuses.

Telemetro journalist Alvaro Alvarado reported meanwhile that the police force is being assembled in the barracks. Will there be a coup? We'll keep you posted!

UPDATE: Martinelli says that everything is just fine and under control. Preparations for his birthday celebrations are on their way.

2 thoughts on “Mulino punched KO by Gustavo Perez

  1. Yes, the National Police have become an Occupational Standing Army!

    Not a National Police Force!

    The Neo Nazi Perez feels he is above the law!

    He has stated that he is only subordinate to Martinelli not the Legal Court System or the Assembly of Panama!

    “Bernal reiterated that Perez committed insubordination and violated Article 311 of the Constitution which states that “the police are not deliberative and shall not make political statements or representations individually or collectively.”

    This is a man out of control and not one Panama needs as the chief of this National Police force or now Head of the State Security Council!

    One wonders what the Head of the State Security Council actually does??

    As Chief of the National Police he never wears his Police uniform!

    He is too good or just too embarrassed to wear the uniform of the National Police of Panama?

    The Purchase of all these large Gas Guzzling Pickup trucks, makes one wonder , just what they are really needed for,?

    When the Martinelli Government can longer afford to subsidize the fuel for the people and businesses of Panama!?

    One wonders just who he thinks he is with a $500 Million secrete Police Budget???

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

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