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Convicted serial fraud artist, arsonist and assaulter Monte Friesner has been pumping a new vehicle in his steady stream of fake press releases on his Pronto Cash website; the so-called "Inter Nations Peace Foundation". "Cyprus – Greece International Community Joins Inter Nations Peace Foundation", reads one headline. "CANADIAN SOMALI CONGRESS FORMS ALLIANCE  WITH INTER NATIONS PEACE FOUNDATION", yells yet another.

The name a kind of sounds like "InterNations", an online community for expats worldwide. But that organization has nothing to do with Friesner's foundation, a bit of searching reveals.

The Inter Nations Peace Foundation is, we learned, a private interest foundation incorporated in Panama. Here's the registry data.

It's registered agent is José Luis García, who is Friesner's in-house lawyer. As we reported earlier, Mr. García spent considerable time in jail in connection with a fraud case in which he reportedly stole about $130,000.

The members of the foundation are listed as Bahram Fouladi, Mitchell Mike Alkis, Noreldin-Said Waisy, Abdir Rashid Hersi and Ahmed Dirir Hussen.

Google searches on these names turn up results linking some of them to various Toronto, Canada, based corporations and foundations as well as Kurdish and Somali websites. Bahram Fouladi appears to be a director of the Iranian-Canadian Community Centre, Toronto.

That would coincide perfectly with Friesner making claims on his Pronto Cash website that he is financing an equestrian center in Kurdistan and opening branch offices there as well as in the Horn of Africa.

However, the listed principals of this foundation may not even be aware of their involvement with Mr. Friesner. An earlier press release from Pronto Cash stated that the company had sold 50% of its shares to a Canadian outfit that was supposedly managed by reputable finance firm Leon Fraser & Associates, but that firm denied any of that to be true and said it was not aware of the press release.

Friesner was earlier accused in a report by the Russian parliament of laundering millions of stolen funds from the former Soviet Union through corporate vehicles in Canada, together with one Lawrence B. Heath, who is currently a director and shareholder of Pronto Cash.

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