Friesner removes fake press release

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Pronto Cash S.A., the prepaid Mastercard outfit of fraud artist Monte Friesner and his wife Tatiana Nazarova, issues one spectacular press release after the other. And they're all fake. Hundreds of Pronto Cash kiosks all over the city and at the Tocumen Airport plus a deal with the COACCESS credit union? Nonsense. An equestrian center in Iraqi Kurdistan they're financing? No way. And so on.

One of the latest gems was one that claimed that "Financiera Pronto Cash SA Expands with 50% Acquisition by Willaude Corporation (Canada) With Placements of ATM & POS Units in Panama". The release went on to say:

Willaude Corporation is a Financial Group administrated by Leon Fraser & Associates, which is one of the oldest Investment Counseling Financial Firms in Canada with over $1.7 billion in assets under management, as at September 30, 2011.

Willaude Corporation is diversified with assets in RIM, Properties, Stocks, Oil, Gold and now fifty percent shares (50%) of Financiera Pronto Cash SA which is a licensed Financial Institution in the Republic of Panama.

Final approval will be confirmed by the Ministry of Finance for the Republic of Panama with the funds being invested in ATM and POS units directly in Panama through the MasterCard Merchant Acquiring License obtained by Financiera Pronto Cash SA three years ago.

The only information to be found on this mysterious "Willaude Corporation" is on Pronto Cash websites. It appears unable to even have a website. It's most likely a Friesner Canadian vehicle, and who knows even related to his previous Russian money laundering schemes. We then checked with Leon Fraser & Associates if any of the statements in that press release were true. Their response:

The information pertaining to Leon Frazer and Associates in the press release is inaccurate and was not approved by Leon Frazer and Associates.

Friesner and Nazarova have since removed the press release from the Pronto Cash website. So, just for fun's sake, let's check some others they've put up there!

6 thoughts on “Friesner removes fake press release

  1. There’s others here releasing fake and or arraigning their own press releases with hundreds of web links and domain names, they even have the balls to put themselves in Wikipedia all done by themselves for themselves.

    The interior is ripe for these types.

  2. Surprise, surprise, don wanker has always supported these two!

    Now you can see where all his loyalty lies in his Panamanian bank account!!

    What about his PayPal donations he begged every one for?

    Panama where the fraudsters meets the the real scam artists!

  3. When I meet Monte for the first time, he told me that he was jewish royalty and liked anal sex all in the same breath of air. Also that he made so much money he didn’t have time to buy the apartment I was selling that he made the appointment to come see. Also that I should sell the apartment and invest with him!

    Way too much for a 2 minnute conversation.

    thanks impressive !

  4. “[…] plus a deal with the COACCESS credit union? Nonsense.”

    This is true. Go to COACECSS (you spelled it wrong) and see the ProntoCash fliers distributed throughout various places in there main Panama City branch for yourself. Apparently due diligence is not COACECSS’ strong suit. :/

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