Corruption at La Prensa

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The yammering turds at The Oligarch Daily continue to set new examples on how journalism can indeed go hand in hand with corruption and nepotism. If you remember, during the 2004 election campaign they went all-out in favor of Martín and when he indeed won, what was rumored already became reality: Director Federico Humbert was handsomely rewarded with the post of ambassador to the US, and other La Prensa "journalists" were appointed as consul and to other such lucrative posts.

And now, we read how director Fernando Berguido - a journalistic wimp with ties with shady lawyers - resigned as director, supposedly because he was offered a Niemann fellowship at Harvard. And then? And then our beloved über-mobster, Ricardo Martinelli, has asked him to become a magistrate of the criminal racket also known as the supreme court, an email exchange with Dr. Mauro Zuñiga reveals! Congrats! Now he can charge $25k per written piece instead of living off a meager La Prensa salary!

But there's more good news from the heroic daily: To further underline its commitment with freedom of expression and civil rights, La Prensa fired a female journalist for participating in the "Marcha de las Putas", a global event against violence against women. Ordnung muß sein! 

Update: The journalist who got fired, Carolina Ángel Idroba, tells her story in La Estrella, here.

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