Scam pimps and Silva fraudsters

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So we had one of those Patrick Visser/Don "scam pimp" Winner/Silva Tree fraud clusterfucks again. Patrick Visser, you know, the idiot who is behind the Silva Tree reforestation fraud, also known as "land grabbing vultures" by a EU paid committee. So Silva Tree Panama S.A. - which isn't an existing company any more - claimed that we took little Patrick's picture of a web page that didn't even exist when we published our latest story on the fraud artist. Never mind, we have plenty of other good pics and we don't wanna waste time here arguing with some tree scammer about his portrait, so we changed it (Doen we toch niet moeilijk over, ouwe bomenzwendelaar! Had het gewoon effe gezegd prutsert! - Sorry about that, but Patrick Visser is Dutch, unfortunately. A real shame).

If you want to see the pictures still, you can! Here! And here! And here's more of him!

So, this whole affair took us offline for a day, and inevitably the evil scam pimping neo-nazi sociopath Donald Kent Winner a/k/a Don Winner a/k/a Donnie the Wanker then ran the usual two hundred gazillion word piece on his Panama Guide For Misfits that was full of shit and contained absolutely ZERO facts. Winner rambled and drooled on and on about stormtrooper fantasies with judges and court orders that didn't exist, like he did before about measures by the FCC that didn't exist and whatnot, he couldn't even name the names of the supposed plaintiffs or even the jurisdiction of the "case" - simply because there was no case. That didn't stop this mental retard from breathlessly "reporting":

Based on preliminary reporting [that one had us here rolling over the floor laughing; WHAT "preliminary reporting" is he talking about? - editor], a judge's order has supposedly resulted in the removal from the Internet of two websites owned by Okke Ornstein, who until recently was an expatriate from Holland living in Panama [He still is, idiot - editor]. Both of Ornstein's primary websites - and - are now off line and unavailable, removed by the hosts as a result of this judge's order. I am currently working to obtain a copy of the court order shutting down these websites. I would like to know if the order is some sort of a temporary injunction, or if it's more permanent in nature.

And then a couple of hours later we were online again and guess what? The "story" itself wasn't very "permanent in nature", apparently, because Winner-the-scam-pimp took the whole thing down, without explanation, without issuing a correction (for all you Winner-dreck-aficionados, we have a PDF for you here). That's the kind of coward he is, of course, so we shouldn't really expect anything else, but still, doesn't it hurt, Don, to fall flat on your face all the time? Did you get your "copy of the court order"? Muhahahaha!

So, a great time was had by all, but now the party's over. Nothing to see here, ladies and gentlemen, please move on!

8 thoughts on “Scam pimps and Silva fraudsters

  1. Saw on his AIP group that “once again” even though he suspected he had bad info he posted it on PG. i called him on it and he promptly banned me. Thanks Winner, i am in better company now.

    • Of course his loyal lieutenant Clyde Jenkins tried to comment on Don’s “article”, and then noticed it was gone. So we got this hilarious “explanation” by Don on one of his Yahoo fiefdoms:

      Don, what happened to the article on Okke onPanama Guide? I was writing a
      comment to add and when I got ready to post it the article was gone.


      – In, “Don Winner” wrote:

      I took it down. Once again, the information I received (as I suspected) was
      incorrect and incomplete. The sites were taken down for two days. Ornstein
      appealed, so they went back up. I was told they were taken down in response
      to a court order – meaning, a judge – and that was incorrect. But the
      process is still ongoing. The people who filed the complaint now have 10
      days to file in court in order to “cement” the issue. Once the judge rules,
      then the order becomes permanent.

      Don Winner

      Yeah right. He “suspected” the information was incorrect, but went ahead and published it anyway as a factual story. How imbecile does one have to be to do that? And why does he still think there is some sort of legal process going on, even when he’s been proven wrong? Of course this is all smear; there is no judge or court order or anything like that. But with smear campaigns it doesn’t really matter if what is said is true, as long as the smearing is being done.

  2. What is “permanent in nature” is the fact that Winner is an incompetent asshole and that he will write anything about anyone and NEVER retract, even when proven wrong. He is stupid and unconscionable. Bad combo. “once again (ONCE AGAIN) the information I received was incorrect” story of your life you sick fuck. “Cement” the issue???????? yeah right….. breathlessly awaiting for your update Donnie boy.

  3. I heard that Don Winner is so stupid that when he needed a password that was eight characters long he picked Snow White and the Seven Dwarves !!!

    Seriously though that guy is one hell of a butt head.

  4. LOL
    Actually I was kind of worried when I saw the placeholder instead of the website a few days ago. So (logically 😉 I went to www (Wanker’s Wannabe Website) to see what’s up (or down, as in this case) and I knew all was well, reading his usual twisting of facts. As there were no facts (other than the disappeared website) I did feel admiration for the man. It is not easy to twist facts, if there are none, I tell you. 😉

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