Friesner’s Pronto Cash goes phishing

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Whenever we feel depressed and overwhelmed by all the sad and tragic news in Panama, we visit the website of convicted financial fraud artist Monte Friesner, his dead poodle mummified war hero director and his accomplice Tatiana Nazarova, at, from where they run their advance fee fraud schemes. All copy by Friesner himself, who can't write! Fun!

We were especially moved by a press release Friesner authored in which he announced the planned creation of a humanitarian fund which, despite only being in the planning phase, had already laundered tons of Somali pirate money donated lots of money to hungry people in the horn of Africa. Of course Friesner and Nazarova haven't started such a fund, nor have they donated any real money to Africa and we couldn't find any "Inter Nations Peace Foundation" either - they just use starving kids to add a veil of legitimacy to their frauds:

Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova, Mr. Lawrence B. Heath QC, Mr. Bahram Fouladi and Mr. Ahmed Hussen agreed to form an alliance in order to create the “Food Relief Fund” for the Children of Somalia through the Inter Nations Peace Foundation, which has taken a very strong and active position for Humanitarian efforts concerning the starving children of Somalia.

To hide the advance fee schemes they don't just exploit famine and dying children, they also purport to provide prepaid debit cards. What is not entirely clear however is how you can actually load those cards, with money. Or maybe you, dear reader, can explain what this piece of drivel means?

Using our online MOBILE CASH SOFTWARE from ProntoCash, The Card Holder can Download our Free Software and then register your Debit/Credit Cards and/or Bank Accounts online and link this card to your ProntoCash Financial MasterCard. Once you have registered your card you can then load funds directly to your ProntoCash Financial Card from anywhere in the world.


But wait! It just got easier! You can now use Friesner's specially designed phishing scam software - he has two years of work in that he says - and then you only have to give this convicted advance fee fraudster and arsonist all your private and banking details! Reads the site:

Master Card Network Banks can now be Connected for “Loading” of Pronto Cash MasterCard from Cellular Telephone or from the Inter Net Worldwide Tatiana Viktorovna Nazarova, Financiera Pronto Cash and the team of technicians and designers have worked diligently for over 2 years to design the software to create the loading of MasterCard Prepaid Cards (...) “Log into our secure web site and immediately go to Transactions and pick “Loading”! Go to the location of your bank account; and type in either credit card, debit card, bank card or directly your own bank account and type in the amount you want to load and press send. Within 4 minutes the money is loaded on your Pronto Cash MasterCard and ready for use anywhere in the world, plus the card holder can also use his registered Cell Telephone for the same and exact transaction.”

Yeah, right, you give your banking details to some financial con man who is hiding in Panama from his creditors. I guess if you're stupid enough to fall for this swindle you deserve it.

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