Chorrera goes psycho

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Why worry about mental health care if you have police and pick-up trucks? The authorities in La Chorrera are, as we speak, rounding up the madmen on the loose in the streets. Psychiatric patients. It's an enormous problem, because they caught no less than TWELVE! This mega-swarm was turning the streets of that town into hell, so that's why.

Because this is Panama, everything is very well organized and prepared. The crazy people are put in the back of pick-up trucks with old car tires to keep them company. Then they are brought to an old dysfunctional hospital complex and put in gas chambers showers. Only then they will give them a medical examination, by Dr. Mengele. After that, nobody knows what to do. The authorities said they were still looking for a concentration camp place that would take them, outside La Chorrera in the capital. Too bad there is no train with cattle cars to bring them, that would just soooo complete this picture. Arbeit macht frei! [LA PRENSA]

One thought on “Chorrera goes psycho

  1. They got it all wrong that´s what they should do with their politicians of the Union Patriotica and other scoundrels that turn organized crime into politics!

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