Gosh, it rains in Chiriqui

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Completely and totally unexpected, heavy rainfall is causing trouble in Chiriqui, which happens every year. But, because you don't get headlines if you're actually prepared for the annual floods, our brave authorities make sure that we get these "surprise" mudslides and collapsing bridges, for fun and profit. Whose fun and profit? Well, this year it's the turn of the bus drivers and owners. The bridge over the Rio Piedra is closed, broken, gone, and now the buses need to make a small detour to reach their destinations. But that can't be! Compensation! So now these bus people shake down passengers for extra plata, and the passengers are angry to no avail, and by the time there are talks the rain will be over, the bus owners have their Christmas money and it's on to next year when the floods will make the group next in line rich.

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