Fake rector sworn in

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For a moment we were afraid that we had to go look for another place to buy our university diplomas, but THANK GOD our heroic fake-doctorate self appointed "rector magnifico" diploma-seller Gustavo García de Paredes was sworn in today for a trillionth term after losing elections and then saying that he won! So, we'll have continuity in de University of Panama, with funds going missing, no scientific research at all going on anywhere, abandoned research stations, and of course this guy whose only publication - ever - is an introduction he wrote in a booklet about domino. Oh, and he'll probably name yet another street after himself, just because he can and also because he is an egomaniac and AT LEAST as crazy as Martinelli.

Now why is this important? Because this whole case is like a test run for what Martinelli is planning for 2014. You didn't really think he was gonna leave just like that, did you?

4 thoughts on “Fake rector sworn in

  1. It is so refreshing to read your articles…The truth and only the truth.It is really a shame that this person will be “leading our University, selling land that belongs to the institution, nominating people that have nothing to do in a university and all this with the complicity of one Ricardo Mentirelli…Poor Panama.

  2. Yes, the true Professional academicians Intellectuals who taught by the highest academic standards in concert by recognized Ivy League and British, French, and German Universities.

    These Professor where published and recognized by the these first Class Universities and had fellowships and Professors Honoree’s to and of Various university in Applied Sciences and Theoretical Sciences.

    These Professor where recognized as Peers and equals based on true Academic Fellowship!

    Today the University of Panama is such a joke most if not all Graduates are considered suspect of Fraudulent academic standards.

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  3. The University of Panama is so corrupted. There are professors that harrass the students (it is called within the walls: ‘mota por nota’), some attend classes stinking in alcohol, others miss classes as they wish always without any punishment, others fail students just because they enjoy it, many don’t have any methodology to teach and the students have to seek ways to understand the classes. Few are the good ones. The poor students attending this university suffer a lot because of these bastards calling themselves professors. Some feel so secure of their stability and their bi-monthly check, that they don’t care about the students at all. A lot of professors are into the university’s politics.

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