The scammer’s apprentice

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Remember Marc Boswell a/k/a "Rex Freeman"? The militia character who went around scamming and stealing while being a financial columnist for Don Winner and who is a wanted man in Costa Rica? Who spectacularly lost his libel case against Eric Jackson of The Panama News? Well, he has a new gig going, we heard, this time trying to cash in on the goldbugs with some wacky MLM card scheme. So, Eric Jackson posts a link on his Facebook page, and out of the woodwork comes one Ellen Ring, defending Boswell, with stupid talk, really. So, a little bit of searching, and we find that Mrs. Ring in fact worked for Marc Boswell, in the past, and learned from him about finance and money. Says her own bio page:

Ellen’s Spanish is self taught- with the help of her now defunct ex-husband. One day, she decided that if she was going to be an entrepreneur she had to learn about money- how it works, and how it dysfunctions. The Universe granted her a job working for The Venture Resource Group as their Executive Coordinator and apprentice Offshore Financial Consultant.

The Venture Resource Group was one of Boswell's many fraud vehicles. This of course just overwhelms us with confidence in the offshore investment seminars Mrs. Ring is offering with her Panama Insider outfit, trying to get inside your wallet.

6 thoughts on “The scammer’s apprentice

  1. Oh please dont ever change..This really makes me laugh. I met her at networking party a while back. She brought a bunch of old farts who “were interested in investing in Panama” and all I could think was “This fat bitch is a scammer.”
    She kept talking to me and was super excited about my business. Wanted to meet again so we could “discuss” ways to bring more profit into my life. She recently “friended” me on Facebook and asked to get together again.
    Hell hasnt frozen over yet so that isnt going to happen anytime soon.
    Keep looking Okke I am SURE there is more to her than meets the glazed donut she just stuffed in her mouth.

  2. Everyone notices the mouth! But did you notice the vampire fangs on this broad? I’ll bet if anyone drunk enough to let her get close enough for a kiss would be a very white corpse very quickly. The advantage being that you too could become a vampire and live forever and drink human blood. And be automatically qualified as a cabinet minister for the Martinelli government.

  3. And apparently, the relationship of Mrs. Ring with Marc Boswell is ongoing, according to the “About” page on a site called “Panama Relocation Seminars”:

    (…) the real value in knowing Ellen comes from her keen understanding of international corporate structuring and tax planning affairs. This is no simple task given the multiple variables, so Ellen has studiously developed an easy method to learn and personalize the often obtuse literature.You can sign up for an on-line offshore financial training course or Panama relocation kit. Here we discuss the core fundamentals for why various entities work like offshore trusts, LLCs, foundations etc. Then we build your case study, and create easy-to-understand mind maps specific to your journey. As if that isn’t cool enough, you can achieve these high level assessments right from the comfort of your home, saving you massive time and money.

    Ellen Ring is blessed to enjoy direct relations with Peter Macfarlane & Associates as their Panama Liaison. Peter is a co-author of The Q Wealth Report- a guide to intelligent international sovereign strategies. With her diligent education and direct involvement through this international firm, combined with fundamentals training through The Venture Resource Group, Ellen trains and interviews CPAs, tax Attorneys, Immigration Lawyers, asset protection managers, and funds manager as a matter of necessity.

    (emphasis added).

  4. Any thing that has FRAUD and Censorship is the true mark Of the Don the Wanker show! Any one even remotely acquainted with this Criminal Wanker is Bad news for all of us here in Panama! Now he is giving Political advise and commentary, just like a CD hack who turns his stripe as soon as the money flows his way! For an E5 retired from the US Air Force, with all this top Secret and MI connections and a Korean linguist at that, with numerous on line degrees, just how does this moronic Idiot ever stay out of jail here in Panama. Just who is protecting this complete fraud here in Panama?

  5. Panamaninan Authorities join in on these scams, retaining civil lawsuits against scammers and by not duly investigating and processiong criminal complaints to provide them disloyal advantage while they advance bogus lawsuits against their victims with the fraudulent titles that they obtained with their inicial fraudulent acts.

    That has been my experience with a securities fraud in which Ebrahim Asvat of Patton, Moreno & Asvat and their subsidiary Assets Trust & Corporate Services, Inc. are directly incriminated and which pretended to emmit, for a second time, all the authorized shares of my company which had already been emitted ten years before and transfer these to a Trust that they control.

    The company owns over $100 milion in real estate here in Panama. Gisela Alvarez De Porras and Guillermo Ford Sosa are also incriminated in this fraud and Raul Hernandez Lopez, an Assemblyman whose wife is he cousin of Ford, has directly acted with providing acts of terrorism for which local autorities provided police protection and whose purpose has been to run us off our land and residence. We have been forced to abandon our home and residence by the culpable negligence and blatant colusion in criminal acts by these authorities.

    There are forged signatures, falsified documents and falsified expert government witness reports and nobody gives a hoot. And there is nowhere to complain. I have e-mailed and writento President Martinelli and he refered me Minister Shamah who exacted upon me his great friendship with Raul Hernandez and Asvat.

    It is Panamas authorities that have turned our promissing future in Panama into a bed of misery not so much the “Priveledged Delinquents” that they aid and abet.

    This goes on and on, all of the governments of Panama allow these twisted misfits to drag down their organized crime from government to government, to government and corrupt the Institutions that are the only thing that separate, civilized man from the beasts.

    The Vice Minister of the Ministry of Economics and Finance, Dulcidio De La Guardia has sued us in the name of the Repúblic for $500 million for having propery titles approved 20 years ago and also to annul these plans which segregate property from our dully titled property (since 1947) wich was separated from the naions patrimiony in 1916. This to aid and abet Raul Hernandez whose is represented by the law firm of Morgan & Morgan. It is of no coincidence that this law firm owns the bank (MMG Bank) in which Dulcidio De La Guardia has worked since 2008 as “Wealth Manager”.

    With such traficking of influence is that this ring of scammers utilizes resources of the Republic of Panamá to further their fraudulent schemes and prevent us from developing a tourism project on our properties and justify acts of terrorisnm to hese ends.

    To this cause we were subject of an armed mob which acted with Police proteccion and burned all our belongings and sructures in 2009 and which descended from Hernandez and Fords properties. They acted under the pretext that we had closed the only access to the beach, when the truth is that one of them had closed the access wich we provide elsewhere and was granted title to it with the intervention of De La Guardia in the judicial process which initialy denied them title to this access to the beach and later politicaly forced us to give a second access to our loss of property in benefit of De La Guardias friends, the Guardia family.

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