Monte Friesner is selling out

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The ad doesn't say it (who would buy from a fraud artist couple?) but this is Friesner's apartment for sale

It looks like Monte Friesner, the Canadian swindler who runs the Panama Sailing School and Pronto Cash, is packing to leave. Or at least he's leaving his apartment in the Bellagio Tower in Punta Pacifica. It's for sale, look here!

Friesner and his wife, Tatiana Nazarova (who holds all assets of the couple), face all kinds of legal trouble in Panama after committing perjury and knowingly filing false criminal complaints, among other things.

It'll be interesting to see what comes first; the secuestros of their assets - including the apartment, priced at $1,285,000.00 - or them being able to sell it.

Most of Friesner's "companies" are in reality empty shells, and even the Panama Sailing School, despite its fancy office on the Amador causeway, doesn't have any yachts registered in Panama that it could rent out or use for commercial purposes.

Are Friesner and Nazarova leaving Panama? We don't really know. Panama would be a much nicer place without them, so let's keep our fingers crossed!

33 thoughts on “Monte Friesner is selling out

  1. I hope that scoop is a false alarm. Seriously, I can’t imagine Bananamarepublic without its regular ROFL strories about serial scammer “DR.” Monte Friesner.
    By the way today I passed by the “fancy office” tn Brisas de Amador and noticed a new sign I had not seen before – a banner featuring the Fountaine-Pajot Dealership.
    This may well be yet another one of our serial scammer’s scam to look into (?)

  2. I just “heard” that there are criminal charges against him for exactly 1 million US$.

    Poor Tanechka… she’ll have to hit the streets again!… or maybe find another AHOTY in

  3. Over US $1M selling price? Other than the scale of the rooms in the pictures the place looks as if a college freshman funished it (sorry to denigrate college freshmen). I see nothing that warrants that price.

  4. Monte and Tatiana can’t sell what they don’t own (the Belliago apartment). They are not the owners of that “Belliago” apartment. Yes it’s true that a criminal complaint will be filed today against Monte & Tatiana.

  5. One million, plus the eleven million judgment against him in the US – no wonder he needs to sell. Talk about the net closing…

  6. Money judgments could be the least of their (Tatiana & Monte) problems as they could face several years in a Panama prision if they are found guilty of the crimes they have been charged with.

  7. The craziest thing is that I was at an event and I heard Monte call Kent a cock sucker and a scumbag. Now he is using Kent..That man is a freak.

  8. Well maybe Kent is the only realtor that would attempt to sell a property (Belliago apartment) in Panama that’s not owned by the alledged “seller” (Monte & Tatiana). Tatiana Nazarova is just a tenant that is leasing the apartment from Belliago Properties, S.A.

    I have been told by the owner of the apartment that she (and Monte) are being evicted from the Belliago apartment for failure to pay the past due rent. She owes a lot of unpaid rent to the Landlord.

  9. Well shit! TT you have just made the the ending of this year a happy ending..
    Maybe Monte should sell his stuff off.. starting with the piranhas.

  10. There’s another criminal complain already filed against Monte and Tatiana.

    And I heard something juicier about Pronto Cash too!

  11. Does this mean the fools who still have money in Pronto Cash will loose all their funds? I am sure Monte will needs some cash to set up shop somewhere else.

  12. When will Don the Wanker be jailed for out right plagiarisation, the known use of unsubstantiated sources, facts, out right lies, distorting the truth, and Possible outright fraud?

    The wanker promoted Pronto Cash on his web site.

    He attacked a young woman from Kentucky(?),also another woman from Florida(?) in the US for posting the obvious truths about his fund raising tactics and his complete lack of understanding of Natural calamity that is happening now in Panama and it’s impact within the Panamanian culture!

    He responded from his dubious web to the young woman from Kentucky by posting a Vulgar, very profane, and very condescending tirade about her lack of intelligence, her personal attributes and abilities!

    He then used Google Portal to leave and start a personal smear campaign and vendetta against her with unsubstantiated personal information by leaving demeaning, slanderous, profane remarks, and fraudulent posts at her work and employers Owners portals, university portals she attended(?), and personal attacks on her Social Network portals(?)!

    The woman from Florida received the same treatment except he listed the value of her home, a Google map of here address, her employer and left unsubstantiated personal information by leaving demeaning, slanderous, profane remarks, and fraudulent posts at her work and employers Owners portals, and personal attacks on her Social Network portals(?)!

    He than proudly posted this information on his web site!

    He has since removed these inflammatory tirades against these women without an apology !

    A professional explanation about his actions and tirade against these two women for those who read his so called guide on Panama as fact?

    The use of Profane four letter words, unsubstantiated information, facts and polls?

    Is this the acts of a Professional Journalist?

    Quoting him “Pound sand” and the use of various profane, vulgar, and demented, ambiguous lexicons of perception is certainly his best intellectual use of diction and descriptive linguistics of a individual with a MA in Economics’s & Business and a Militarily trained linguist in Korean?


    The following URL shows the true web traffic and visitor counts on his web site!

    Alexa traffic through 12 Dec 2010.

    Disclaimer: All web site information posted or cited here is in the Public domain.

  13. @Dr. Dias: All I can say is that I heard there is something in the works to have Panama Guide declared a criminal organization because of the relentless promotion of fraud artists, arms traffickers and the works.

  14. It’s a new year! Monte is going to trial, the 4 complaints he filed are backfiring him for perjury, he is selling another person’s property.

    These are the things for sale too: A broken maseratti, a baby grand piano, a 50″ TV, a sound system, and a spoiled chihuahua, an air hockey table, some cocaine Monte was hiding and lots of cash money from doubtful sources.

    Sorry guys. There are no sailboats since he has none and he even sold his partner’s boat (Sahika Riley).

    I wonder where will he go now? Can’t go to USA because he’ll be arrested. Can’t go to Canada because he was banned from trading and Canadian authorities have complete knowledge of all his adventures here.

    No matter where he’ll go, we will be there to find out and tell everyone.

  15. Tatiana’s landlord told me that she and Monte are being evicted from their Bellagio apartment for deliquent rent. Tatiana apparently owes the landlord in excess of $60,000 in deliquent rent, penalties, fees and costs. In Panama you can’t evict a residental tenant during the holidays (December 15 through January 15) but on January 15 the their holiday in the Bellagio apartment they rent is over.

    Aggrevated fraud is a serious offense here in Panama and I am told they could face 5-10 years jail time. I think they will make a run for the airport very soon as they have worn out their welcome in Panama. With Monte’s prior record the Panama courts will have to make an example of him and Tatiana.

  16. @ Truth Talker.

    I agree with you 100%.

    Howevr, I would not be the least bit surprised if they set up shop elsewhere in Panama.

    Sad to say, too many dishonest people get away with crimes time and time again.

  17. I think any potential Clayton landlords may be well advised to get payment from the Friesners in advance.

    anyway, here is Monte’s theme song. I can picture him coming into the westling ring with this cranked up.

    She’s crazy about her daddy
    Oh she believes in him
    She loves her Monte

    She’s crazy like a fool
    What about daddy cool?
    I’m crazy like a fool
    What about Monte cool?

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  19. Whoa.. Kent isnt on his team anymore!! Holy shit! This guy is burning bridges left n right!
    By the way.. does anyone know how his move is going?

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