Tatiana Nazarova caught in perjury, filing false complaints

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Screenshot of Friesner's Facebook page where he tells what really happened to his dog (click for bigger)

Tatiana Nazarova, the wife of Canadian scam artist Monte Friesner, has been caught committing perjury and knowingly filing false criminal complaints - both of which are serious crimes under Panamanian law.

Remember how Friesner and his wife maintained that yours truly had somehow ordered their poodle killed by having it fed poisoned cookies by an unknown person, and how the couple then received threats by phone that the same would happen to them? Today, Monte Friesner's Facebook page was notarized. On his wall, he described what really happened, namely that the dog died of an averse reaction to antibiotics it was given for a tick infection.

That means that when Tatiana Nazarova filed a complaint with the San Francisco corregidor, she lied, and she knew she was lying. The couple then proceeded to have that complaint and restraining orders added to the case Friesner filed for criminal defamation, which duplicates that lie.

We've always maintained that we don't file libel complaints here at Bananama Republic. But we will shortly file criminal and civil charges against Nazarova et al, because committing perjury and knowingly filing false complaints against your reporter is not something we accept. The notarized evidence has already been entered in other cases currently pending that involve the criminal couple as well.

20 thoughts on “Tatiana Nazarova caught in perjury, filing false complaints

  1. HOT DAMN!!!!! I love reading this SHIT! Feliz Navidad!
    She will look HOT in dirty blue or brown jail clothes!
    Wait… can she write English?
    or was it filed in Ruesski . Speakngly Deutsh Tatiana?

    • @Dr. Dias: Not the dogs, but certainly this guy Peter Gordon, who testified about the dead poodles and is withholding information.

  2. In Canada (specifically in the State of Ontario) information and documentation obtained from social networking websites such as Facebook, which may disclose useful information to test or challenge a plaintiff’s claim are relevant and admissible as evidence in Court; but I am not sure that such a liberal interpretation would apply in a Panama Court. A smart way to circumvent the problem might perhaps be to sue the Friesners in Canada (where Monty has a criminal record as a convicted scammer) rather than in Panama, where he and his wife are merely tourists.

    • I’m pretty sure that, since it has also been notarized as a truthful copy of Friesner’s page, it will be accepted. And Friesner is a tourist, but Tatiana Nazarova is a resident of Panama.

  3. His wife is a pensiando. She got it from her efforts as a whore. Who knew it paid retiree benefits!

    Monte that fuck is in and out often.
    The Kid.. should run away or get pregnant by 16…

  4. Bravo Dr. Monte Friesner, Ph D., CD., C., for having won the 2010 AHOTY Award. Please keep the readers of Bananamarepublic entertained in 2011 and onward…

  5. Okke,

    Depending on which website you vist you are either tunning from location to location within Panama or else have fled over the border to CostaRica due to the fact that you are a now officially a fugative from the law.

    So what’s the truth ?

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