Another missing person in Bocas del Toro’s Wild Bunch circus

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Disappeared by the government: Valentín Palacios

As if we don't have enough dead people in Bocas del Toro already because of Wild Bill and Wild Ricardo; today we can add another missing person to the mix. Yes, dear reader, it's just like the old times in Panama, the police takes someone off the streets and we never hear from him again!

So who's the victim? His name is Valentín Palacios Palacios, and his cedula is 1-705-1667. He's 38 years old, and lives at Finca 44, in Changuinola, working on the banana plantations.

He was last seen on Finca 66 during the protests there on July 8th. The police grabbed him, and he was possibly hurt. Unconfirmed information has it that he was transferred to the prison in Davíd, Chiriqui, but he doesn't appear on the lists of people arrested or those of people who received medical attention because of their wounds.

Palacios simply disappeared. Nobody knows where he is.

He is married and has two kids.

"Ven pa' Bocas" - never to be heard of again!

Meanwhile, Raisa Banfield informs that today (Friday 24th) a group of Bocatoreños who were being treated at the Social Security hospital in Panama City was sent back to Changuinola by bus by the authorities, without having been dismissed by the medical staff. At the same time, those wounded who are still at the Santo Tomas hospital are now being guarded by the police. What are they afraid of; that blind people will escape and do what?

4 thoughts on “Another missing person in Bocas del Toro’s Wild Bunch circus

  1. If this guy would have been from the PRD or CD we already might have had some news. But in this country who really cares? No one unless they are directly assaulted.
    I am tired of the people exploiting the minorities. I would like to know where the gold and silver is taken, where? Can someone tell me? Panama is gone thanks to our governments and the greedy ones.

  2. Ah, history repeats itself. If this were a Spike Lee film about Panama it would be “Mo’ Bettah Repression”.

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