Bosco the Clown has children beat each other up for scholarships

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A new initiative by our corrupt mayor, the mental retard Bosco the Clown. There are only so many scholarships the municipality has to give away, because he needs the money for visionary plans like piling up garbage all over the city and Christmas parties and stuff. So, this fatso thought, why not let these kids fight for their scholarship? as in: boxing?

Surely, if the police can arrest 7 year olds in Bocas and kill babies, why not enjoy watching Panama's future beat each other up?

Welcome to the future, ladies and gentlemen! El cambio esta en marcha! Next Saturday, Bosco the Clown announced today, we will have Panama's youth (8 to 13 y/o) set an example for all those kids who want to accomplish something in their lives: Beat the shit out of the competition! Healthy! Toughens them up! Builds character!

This sorry excuse for a mayor is even proud of this savage idea. "They will do sport instead of violence", he said at a press conference. Only problem: We heard law experts say on the radio that having kids fight for such rewards is illegal. As it should be. Can someone call UNICEF please?

We also have an idea. We want to be mayor. Please set a date and place where we can beat this guy up and take over! Like, here!

10 thoughts on “Bosco the Clown has children beat each other up for scholarships

  1. Ferrufino and Molinar on board with that?? would that not be THE reason to finally get rid of him?? at least they have been trying. Give them credit for THAT.

  2. At least he does not use live ammunition and tear gas to unite these poor underprivileged charges?

    By the way Boxing here like Dancing on TV gives the youth here a hope for a future of Poverty and hunger!

    “Panama where the numbers never add up”

  3. Scholarships must be given to outstanding students or poor students who are interested in school. Period.

    In a city with lack of bread, poor ones need not to be The Circus in wacked “reality” (in) Culture of Bosco.

  4. Seriously, this is pure child abuse, and somebody should get the UN or some org like that involved. The defensor del pueblo already wrote Bosco the Clown a letter that this shouldn’t be happening. But that will probably not be enough.

  5. I’d like to be first in line on the “Beat up Bosco and become Mayor” contest. Please sign me up, because the line can be VERY long.

  6. Funny, and typical Panama: EVERYBODY is against this idiotic scheme, from the ombudsman to the minister of education, and NOBODY does anything.

  7. He could have made it a chess championship, or writing contest, there are so many other intelligent ways of doing this. I read he is reevaluating the “program”. I doubt it will go a second round (no pun intended). He does not need another reason to piss this government off, or does he? It is just amazing how everything he touches turns into a debacle. And people ELECTED him….Then again, they elected RM too. Sigh. Will Bernal ever get his shit together? Like everywhere else, sometimes things have to get really really bad for people to finally do something about it.

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