Martinelli travels to Bocas with gifts for the savages while super99 boycott picks up steam

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Protesters seal off Super99 in Santiago

President Martinelli will fly to Bocas del Toro this weekend, in his jet and with his ministers, and he comes bearing gifts! The cargo hold of his airplane will be filled with nice colored beads, little mirrors and other shiny things that the savages like, reports TuPolitica.

He will also have proposals. And he wants to give the Bocatoreños a dignified life, and transport and all kinds of good things - that is, the ones he didn't kill just a week ago. Because, you know, our president has discovered that there is poverty in Bocas! He didn't know that. There is no Super99 in Changuinola, so how could he?

Ah, but he is also a shareholder of Global Bank - you know, Panama financial center, offshore banking, investment grade, blah blah - and they do have a branch in Changuinola. When the police started its killing spree, some activists subsequently torched the place.

In Veraguas, meanwhile, activists yesterday closed off access to the local Super99 in Santiago. Carrying banners denouncing the sausage law, Martinelli's dictatorship and the vast amount of hydroelectric dams being built in the province, they made sure no sales were made.

Would that - his wallet - be the real reason Martinelli is now playing all nice and fuzzy with the people? One of his puppets, pseudo-procurador Guiseppe Bonissimo, repeated various times today that those who got hurt when Gustavo Perez's rabid dogs were turned loose on the unarmed people, should seek treatment, there would be no repercussions (we'll just write down your name and take your picture for next time).

He then went on to announce an investigation into the two deaths (government number, unions claim 9 or even 11) in Bocas. Which will of course go nowhere, absolve the police, blame unarmed indios for shooting first - the usual crap. If they were really serious about this, that mad gorilla Gustavo Perez would have been suspended already.

Finally, Martinelli was declared persona non grata in Bocas by various groups. Will be interesting to see if he and his clique of nouveaux riches can even land in Changuinola.


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3 thoughts on “Martinelli travels to Bocas with gifts for the savages while super99 boycott picks up steam

  1. yeah, he will land, and hopefully will get the opportunity to hear what Bocatorenos REALLY think of him. Note he is coming with ALL his ministers – Safety in numbes LOL. They must be so pissed to have to give up their saturday for this. A week end with the peasants instead of the beach house. It must suck.
    Did you put a link to this article as a comment on

  2. The peoples of Changuinola do not see any changes or benefits for them or their children or for their children, children!

    The peoples of Changuinola have to hope that life will be better for themselves and their children!

    In reality what is their future to be, an endless legacy of poverty and despair!

  3. And he didn´t make it to the Funeral of Antonio Smith… that´s where he had to go.
    The other stuff he did, just show…
    People took the bikes, but they don´t buy the show…

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