Martinelli said to reinstate environmental protection in other sausage law

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Our deep throat sources in the government tell us that president Martinelli has finally discovered that the now infamous "sausage law", violates all kind of international agreements and treaties as well as conditions to obtain financing from such institutions as the Inter American Development Bank. As a consequence, he wants to repeal the changes that were made in terms of eliminating the environmental impact studies for any project that receives the blessing of Martinelli's mobsters.

However, because Martinelli is a pompous third-world ruler, he doesn't want to be seen as publicly giving in to massive protests against the law. So, our sources tell us, he plans to hide his defeat in yet another all-in-one law set to be introduced shortly. Which, in this digital age, won't work. It will be noticed and exploited in full by opposition forces.

7 thoughts on “Martinelli said to reinstate environmental protection in other sausage law

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  2. Maybe now with the flooding that destroy over 550Homes in Pacora!!

    By a construction company that did not have any permits of any form of environmental impact or Permits to restructure a small river and drainage in a area that has never flooded!

    They the Panamanian Government should be protecting the Peoples and the environment of Panama

    Instead It seeks (the Panamanian Government) to become just another corrupt tool and extension of the IMF and the Drug money launderers!

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