Mulino heroically defends himself against vile accusations which are all true

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Is that a Rolex?

Raúl Mulino, who will soon be super-minister of State Repression and Espionage, is a source of entertainment that never fails. After establishing his reputation with racist remarks about African refugees and calling union activists "maleantes de mierda", he made headlines again admitting that he is up to his neck in influence trafficking.

"The legislators ask for a lot of favors", the embattled minister said recently during a breakfast meeting. He explained that the government deputees come to him with requests about prisoners, you know, sentence reductions, transfers to better prisons, early release, that sort of thing. And, he added, he has accommodated a great number of these requests, and STILL these deputees criticize him!

We can not but agree. Everybody should be grateful that we have a minister who openly embraces the corrupt practices, in good Panamanian tradition, of influence peddling, nepotism and allowing legislators to take bribes to handle these requests for their constituents. This is, after all, democracy at work and it is unfair that now an investigation of Mulino's corrupt activities is being called for.

And that's not all! La Prensa had the audacity to accuse our hero of operating like a thief in the night when he presented the now famous sausage law before an empty assembly passing it off as a law about the aviation industry. "The minister must think that Panamanians are idiots and that he is the smartest guy of the government", La Prensa wrote in its scathing editorial. This is of course no way to talk about a corrupt minister, even if they're right.

Luckily, Mulino struck back that very same day. He wrote a letter to the editor of La Prensa (read it here, in Spanish) saying that it wasn't really like a thief in the night, or maybe it was but in any case it wasn't illegal, not really. And he has his NAME to defend.

As we said. A source of entertainment that never fails.

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