A white man running is an athlete, a black man running is a criminal…

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The escape artist, caught again

So they got him. Rafael Eusebio Saenz Salinas, also known as "Ito", was captured by the police today in Las Cumbres, and transferred to police headquarters in a convoy of 15 vehicles. He had escaped from that same headquarters in the early hours of March 29th, most likely with help from corrupt policemen.

The media reported on the saga in full racist force, using terms like "delinquent" and "antisocial" - terminology they never ever use for suspects of corruption or other "white" crimes and criminals. Have you ever seen Ernesto Perez Balladares described as a delinquent or an antisocial in the press? No, we neither.

Yes, dear reader, although the racist oligarch media in Panama may lead you to believe otherwise, "Ito" is nothing but a suspect in a murder investigation, just like Amael Acosta was a suspect-on-the-run in the murder of Vanessa Marquez - but they never labeled him a "delinquent" or "antisocial" because he is white and member of the elite. Same with Sherina Latorraca and numerous other examples.

Ito, the media report, is dangerous because he supposedly attacked the house of the policeman who killed his 17 year old pregnant girlfriend. With the police enjoying impunity even for war crimes, who wouldn't?

The bottom line in this sordid tale is that the government has yet another black man to show how "tough" they are on crime and the racist media happily play along. Innocent until proven guilty? Equal justice for all? In Panama that's just words.

One thought on “A white man running is an athlete, a black man running is a criminal…

  1. Man this is the 2nd article i read and its also right on the money. This is the kind of thing we talk at the dinner table at home. You know, “hey how come el toro gets away with it? Kill a man youre a murderer kill a million youre a conquerer? Steal 20$ youre an antisocial, launder millions youre probably an expresident. PLOP!

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