14 thoughts on “Naked Carnival: Viva Jazmin Monteza!

  1. I stand firm in my support for freedom of expression too, even if that implies naked dancing, though it saddens me that these powerless women are using the only tool available to them to express their opposition to this Patriarchal Christian society, where yes, having a mistress “has been a very accepted kinda thing.” The pervasive hypocrisy of this Christian society is nauseating, and the time has come to address issues are reproductive rights, and the violence against women in this society, violence that is not only physical but moral too with adultery widely practiced producing also economic mistreatment to women who are part of those kinds of relations..

    Where are the thinkers in this bookless, sub-literate society? Where are those women that call themselves to be fighting for women rights?….The level of intellectual debate is lame when dealing with these realities and the result is having a young generation of people infected with diseases that could all be prevented…

    This is a good piece written by an outstanding African-American writer, Bell Hooks, addressing adultery in this hypocritical Patriarchal society where Christian churches are meant to appease the suffering they are in true causing while alienating their members…


  2. Typographical error…As a second learner of the English language, it is almost impossible not to make typographical errors, even though one is constantly monitoring oneself…

    “and the time has come to address issues as reproductive rights,”

  3. Jazmin is just the way the Good Lord made her. God bless her for displaying her God-given assets to bring joy and happiness into the lives of others. If only more Christian women would follow in her footsteps, we could ease human suffering and their would be less violence and wars. God loves you,Jazmin, and so do we.

    • Your hypocrisy is offensive…As always, these white supremacists we have in this American Satellite State (The Rectum of US) are trivializing everything that could have been brought to a higher level of debate…

      • Here’s the thing Jehovanna…some girl is out having a good time and dancing and flashing her tits at carnaval and you want to make it about reproductive rights for women? and why are you assuming Jazmin is a “powerless woman”? She hardly looks like that to me. Just because she isn’t doing what you want her to be doing she must be powerless? Maybe she likes dancing. Maybe she likes getting her tits out for Jesus and the lads? who are you to judge her? I get the feeling that the reason you are so uptight is because nobody wants to reproduce with you!

        • Barry…Do you read what she said, the rudimentary way she expresses herself?

          Yes, she must be powerless that she needs to be dancing in such a vulgarized way to be fulfilled…Did you read on the Bananama Republic Face Book´s page what some Panamanian men said about her, and the way they both expresses themselves, saying like that she would be pregnant or something like that?

          Listen, the issues of reproductive rights is a fact, since there is always the issue of unwanted pregnancies during these days of carnival, that is why I brought that to the discussion, but as I am used to reading those superficial comments in all these papers written in English in this country, nothing else surprise me…By the way, not all women are dreaming about a white wedding and being fat and feeding hungry mouths…

        • Pssss….Just for the records, I am happily single and “too old” to think about having any other child apart from the one I have…

          I could not care less about naked dancing, but it is always incredible to see that Panamanian women are practically destroying their lives and aging fast, and I am saying this for the diseases we now have due to a chance in sexual behaviors, and some types of cancers related to them…Don’t you remember the case of Michael Douglas?

          • Don’t worry about Barry, Jehovanna. As long as he has
            $100 in his pocket someone will mate with him too. It’s the talk of tits that has brought him to this blog. When the talk of titties ends he’ll be back on Don Winner’s site.

  4. If a man can take of his shirt, why not a woman? Why have double standards? In a civilized society a woman would be able to walk down the street naked without getting harassed. Civilized countries have nude beaches, where you can see for yourself that we are all created equal.

  5. Well…we have to be realists… Even you Jehovanna. With the amount of alcohol and thirst for debauchery that exists during the Carnival days, this is the least worst thing that could happen and go viral. Worst would be a pair of drugged people openly having sex and being filmed to make it viral. This girl is clearly unapologetic, she was damn drunk, the DJ was a smart demon taking advantage of her drunk state and inciting her to “take it off”, and she did it. Its her problem, the most prudent thing to do is just forget the whole incident and hope next carnivals some new Monteza wishes for fame. What I mean to say is that anyhow, anyway, these things will go off… Drunk people do stupid shit, and though they are shameful, they won’t apologize when people have already made their minds on this whole issue.

  6. When a brothel selling 13 year old girls to Panamanian politicians and businessmen is uncovered by reporters, it is the reporters that are charged. Unbelievably it seems, for damaging the reputation of the creeps who were caught sleeping with the children.

    No one worries about the children as they are seen as an expendable example of the amoral youth. Much like they view Jazmin Monteza, who has hurt no one but is seen as worthy of national outrage.

    The level of sleeziness of the rabiblanco class in Panama is matched only by their absolutely gob-stopping capacity for hypocrisy.

  7. In response to faustinopues@yahoo.com

    I knew about Don Winner site and the Bananama Site after having googled about the case of Ed Moynan’s disappearance in November 2012. The news appeared in a local newspaper in Spanish but then, I decided to reach online for English reports knowing that some members of this “Expat” community would like to lead “a sheltered life” in this American Satellite State, and I am a true believer of the “Freedom of Information Act,” even though I am not quite sure if there is something like this in Panama, I do believe in the right to be informed, and this is not about being busybody but being informed and aware of the outside world. As a college educated individual, I try to educate myself and I like looking at the sociological implications of those definitions that are used in the English speaking world. I personally do not stomach this Expat term at all, and I honestly consider that it has to be revised in light of the current time we are living. In the case of the Russians living in London, they are just émigrés. As we do not long to be a colony anymore, even though poor we in Panama do not tolerate colonial’s attitudes as this Expat term.

    Barry seems to be one of those “American Expats,” who pretend to demote our genuine intentions of improving the level of intellectual debate in the English speaking media in Panama. I will not doubt in trying to always bring an inquiring position to this space that this Dutch man is allowing us, and I would like more Panamanian people like me to participate in the blog.

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