WikiLeaks releases Panama spy system user manual

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finfisher [dropcap type="circle" color="#ffffff" background="#e53b2c"] R [/dropcap]emember how we reported here about how Panama harbors the FinFisher spy software command and control server?

If you recall, FinFisher is a mean piece of software that dictators use to spy on opposition and activists. It infects your computer or smartphone and then sends everything you do to a server, facilitating the tracking of all your activity online. There is such a server in Panama, and although it's not entirely clear who is behind it, the government is the most likely candidate.

In any case, WikiLeaks released the third batch today of its Spyfiles, a collection of brochures, secret documents and other such interesting stuff from the private intelligence industry.

In the release, we found the FinFisher Infrastructure Product Training manual. Have a look, here. Maybe the geeks can put this to some good use to figure out who's using this mass spy tool in Panama.

Oh, and in case you were thinking about starting your own espionage operation: WikiLeaks also released the price list!

2 thoughts on “WikiLeaks releases Panama spy system user manual

  1. This is one insidious Malware program!

    This section describes how the malware collects and encrypts data from the infected machine.
    Our analysis showed that the malware collects a wide range of data from an infected victim. The data is
    We conducted forensic examination of the files created in this directory and identified a wide range of data
    collected. Files in this directory were found to be screenshots, keylogger data, audio from Skype calls,
    passwords and more. page 10
    The malware uses encryption in an attempt to disguise harvested data in the .dat files intended for exfiltration. Page 12

    We could point at the US Embassy and it oversize Bunker/communication complex in the old US canal zone?

    Or to Columbia whose has been given so much for the “War on Drugs” from the DEA, DIA, and the CIA!

    Did this Martinelli Government trade Sanctuary to a Former Member of the Colombian Security services member for this Software?

    It can be hosted by any one, from anywhere, every thing is available from Ebay, cheap, except the Finfisher software!

    Be careful out there no one is safe any more!

  2. Panama is amazing. We have third world structures and services that are falling apart and failing the citzens but we still manage to show off a top of the line big brother surveillance network system.
    We have our priorities in place, right?

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