Giselle Burillo: I have sinned!

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giselleburilloThe campaigns for the elections in 2014 are gearing up, dear readers. Not that it will be very exciting in terms of who will win; it seems to us the the PRD's Juan Carlos Navarro is the designated next president of Panama. Then we'll see if he will prosecute Martinelli for massive corruption - probably not - and then we have another five years of mayhem, this time with the PRD again.

But predictability of the outcome doesn't mean that the process won't be entertaining. For example, the primaries in Martinelli's Cambio Democratico (CD, the designated loser) promise to be a spectacle that shouldn't be missed.

Our favorite candidate in the CD is of course Panama's own Michelle Bachman; Giselle Burillo. As soon as she opens her mouth, something embarrassing comes out. Not too long ago, she yelled something about how Panama needed alimentary independence, without really knowing what she was talking about.

Then we had of course those videos with her hapless dancing "Gangnam Style", in a make-over of the Korean mega-hit into "Presidenta Style" (we're sure that no copyrights were paid to the Korean author of the song- maybe Martinelli counts on nuclear war). After days of being ridiculed by Panamanians on twitter and facebook, her campaign took the video off the youtubes. Too late; copies had already been made and circulate widely.

She then stated that the videos and even more so the ridicule on social media were part of a "dirty campaign".

And now she has confessed that she is a sinner! "My big sin is that I come from the ranks of the PRD", the candidate stated in La Prensa yesterday. This, she claimed, is the reason that the party's cupola isn't really supporting her bid for the formal CD candidacy for president.

Of the CD members on the other hand, Burillo says that 40% supports her. She didn't say where she got that number. In national polls she scores about 2% last time we looked.

She won't know it yet, but she doesn't stand a chance. Panamanians for sure will not elect another loco to make a mess of the country for the next five years.

But hey! Let's enjoy it while she lasts! Here is "Presidenta Style"!

UPDATE: Believe it or not, but Mrs. Burillo is actually diplomado in organization and administration of political campaigns!

3 thoughts on “Giselle Burillo: I have sinned!

  1. Personally, i cannot wait. Yes i know, afterward we will suffer for another 5 years, but what entertainment for several months. Entirely worth it!

  2. They shoot horses, pigs, and Fascist followers do they not! (Usually in the head, no double tap waste of ammunition then!)

    Sometimes you must cut your losses, and cull off the runts before they breed another group of dysfunctional political swine!

    She differently has foot in mouth disease!

    In this case a size 13 foot up that big ass of hers affliction!

    Panama needs a better assemblage of imbecilic moronic idiots to run for office!

    This group is just are too stuck on themselves to produce any worthwhile entertainment for us!

  3. That has to qualify as the most humiliating and embarrassing political ad ever created. Whoever is her media people, she needs to fire them if she wants even a ice cube’s chance in Hell.

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